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Please Help Please Foward


Tuesday's 7.0-magnitude quake struck shortly before 5 p.m. local time on Tuesday, and was centered about 10 miles (15 kilometers) southwest of the capital Port-au-Prince Haiti, the US Geological Survey reported. The International Red Cross estimated that over three million people in the impoverished nation had been affected.
In the meantime, plans are coming together for a trip of Matador volunteers to go to Haiti to assist in earthquake recovery and relief, NOAH (Nat'l Organization for the Advancement of Haitians), an organization Meme and I volunteer with, is also gearing up to head to Haiti. Whether you express your interest in going, or want to help from home, here is a list of much needed items, the items we want to take with us. Consider starting a collection among your friends and family members. Every donation - big or small - makes a difference.
We will be conducting a Survival Kit Drive THIS Sunday, January 17, 2010 from 11am - 4pm at the Embassy of the Republic of Haiti in WDC located at 2311 Massachusetts Avenue NW WDC 20008. In appreciation of your assistance light refreshments will be available.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me (718.755.0119) or Meme (202.904.9070). Below are a list of items needed immediately. Many can be found at your local dollar store or even the One Spot in your local Target. Please spread the word to all because a MAJOR group effort is needed to get Haiti through this. I appreciate and thank you in advance for all your prayers, help and support.


Baby formula (dry/powder)
Baby wipes
Baby bottles
Baby clothes
Toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothpaste)
Hand sanitizer
First aid kits
Over the counter medicines
Mosquito repellent
Flip flops
T-shirts, pants, lightweight jackets
Non perishable food that’s not in cans (seal-paks of tuna or sardines, for example)
There are dozens more items; this is just a starter list. Think flat, lightweight, easily packable.

Remember, L'union fait la force!


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