Monday, June 19, 2017

Sorry It's Been A While!

Sorry It has been a While.! Well folks! Let me start this post with an apology for falling off after I went to Los Angeles in April. Many things have been going on since last checking in. I think that's what they call life. Without going into my personal life as I try to keep my multiple layers separate. I have learned a few more things I think I needed to remind me why I should never mix my eggs in my basket. Now after this lesson of hard knocks. I am back ready to shoot my ass off .. Literally lol Yes the cougar is going to shoot anal again. I am currently putting together more shoots for the fans and my websites and clips sites. Please be sure to follow my lengthy list of fan sites. When you purchase porn from me. You support me. When your support of me it enables me to shoot more porn for you. Do you see how it works? lol Here is a list of the sites I am currently posting my content on and where you can find my old movies as well. Mt personal website My clips4sale MYonly fans Southern Charms You Kandy Manyvids Rude Chatstar Nite Flirt Verified Call Skyprivate Meet me Book me under my muscle fetish personal

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

How and Where You Can Support The Cougar's Return

2017 Has brought me back from a 5 year retirement. As of May 2016 I first shot with Team VP member Roc and Max in New York. That led to me finally meeting up with Mr. Nuttz. Mr. Nuttz and I had a conversation on hooking up for over a decade. The myspace days... Yeah I know kids.... I then shot many scenes in a weekend in Orlando. I am not currently loading many of those scenes to my Feline Flicks store. I attended my first AVN weekend in nearly 9 years. Joining with King Jeff with Kings Adult Entertainment. I again joined forces with Team VP for another weekend of many shoots working with the likes of Rome Major and Puzzy Bandit. But.. I am not comfortable with the weight I gained while nursing a hip flexor and glute injury. So with my new management . We have decided to hault all my video shoots until I reach my goal. But the scenes are still being added weekly so enjoy the last of the bbw Stunning Summer. I love and adore those fans who love big women. I personal adore my big girls and always will. I am more comfortable as the athlete I have been for most of my life. SO with that said. The Photos I ad to my post is before I entered born . I shot these photos just returning from my stint at the Bunny Ranch in 2004. This is where I am the most comfortable. Where you can follow my pregress to bring me back to porn mainstream filming. My you tube Chanel and my inst gram . For my fans I have added camsoda for one on one cam Stunning Summer verifiedcall to talk filthy fantasies ask me questions everyone wants to know . What its like to take monster cocks. snapchat stunningsummer1 keep update here.

Los Angeles I am Back!!! Visiting April 17,2017 until April 30th

Hello Los Angeles !!! I'm back to visit. How I have missed you !!! Many of you know I had retired briefly for the last 5 years. I am never so happy to be back to my naughty ways. If you have followed me on twitter ,instagram. You have seen I have been back at it. I still reside in D.C for now. I have so many things in store for my fans this coming year. But while still working out a injury my training has been my priority along with meeting my fans all over the U.S I am available to meet fans who are respectful and discreet. My new website is for booking info. Be sure o watch the very last scenes filmed as a BBW as the next time I shoot video. I will be back to the body I had when I left L.A in 2008. I look forward to meeting many new friends. Men couples and yes some select ladies as well. follow me on instagram stunning_summer_1 snapchat stunningsummer1 twitter 1summerstunning I look forward to more filthy films for your perverted enjoyment.