Thursday, October 18, 2012

Porn Stars And Sex Workers Are Not Sub -Human!

In today's internet technology access to a variety of adult entertainment is at your fingertips.
It seems all to familiar with most of us involved in both the sex industry and adult video,web cam phone sex chat lines the unfortunate down side.
If you have never woke up to a not so admiring public. We have.Imigine if you will how well your day would be like  based on your checking your voice mail before your morning coffee only to find insults,name calling.
Can you imigine the thick skin all adult shooters and sex workers must endure just to make a living .
It is the down side and one would hope the trade off would be to atleast the happy friendsly voicemails and emails out weight the bad.

It is 2012 and most technologies allow one to research who is calling or leaving these horrific messages.I understand most are bld because they believe they are the only ones with capability o hunt us down like prey.

I am all too aware some men may not find me attractive or their type. I do not have fault with that. I have a issue with somebody whose life is so pathetic he needs to take time out of his meaningless existence to write somebody he does not know. He can text message me on a number meant for booking arrangements to send me a video. I understand the guys seeking attention.

If I continue to receive emails such as the ones I receive. I really wont answer emails from fans anymore either.
I get a text message today from one who felt compelled to send a tube site hosting stolen scene from my work.So what is your point stop texting. I am never surprised ,just sick to death of hey did you feel that? You seemed kinda loose.
All I can tell the individuals who are just like this fucknut is this. Grow the fuck up and try to live a better and happier live. I can't please you nor do I wish to. Nobody can. You are a sad worthless n good individual and wish to take it out on me and the rest of us sex workers .

I have decided to retire one month early to avoid any more of these bullshit emails and text messages and voice mails.
I like most everyone is entitled to a positive day. beginning with a smile on my face not pissed off from some jackwagon.

I have had to thicken my skin and I do not wish to live the rest of my life dealing with this garbage. I do not deserve it nor does my family and those around me.
November 30 is my final day of providing. My cell will no longer exist.
If you feel the desire to humiliate somebody  why don't you begin in your own mirror!!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Why Do Men Feel Compelled To Waste Time?

The one thing nobody in the adult entertainment business can ever come to grips with or understand why.

Why do men feel compelled to call or email to set a date without checking all the info on her website?
Why do men not pay attention when the visiting ad was placed?
Why are men calling and asking on the phone HOW MUCH?
Why do men ask to chit chat longer then a short time to get acquainted?
Why are men so emphatic that the review or the ad(which some are not placed by the girl but the website stole your a from someplace else) states a lower rate then your website?
Why book a date only to cancel in a matter of a hour or to before meeting?
Why email requesting a date within a short period of time?

Why do men not use their big head ?
If you are shopping just simply check the sites donation page before the pictures!!!
If you do not have money to hobby,do not call,do not email.
There are alternatives to your desire to call or see a girl for free without wasting my time and the rest of the ladies in the industry.
Most web cam sites offer free cam, free porn (beware of virus on your computer after), get a dvd and jerk off without looking stupid and getting black listed for your shitty behavior.

One huge reason many women are leaving this business in droves are any of the actions listed above.
We can either work a 9-5 job or sit around with toes in air  praying some guy is not going to waste our time.

I do not get paid to answer your emails,calls or for your cancellations.
I do not sit at home  waiting with my hair done,my make up applied and in sexy lingerie.

I am in the gym,shopping,running errands. And yes possibly on the phone speaking to my family.

I have a life too. I respect the men who do understand there is other things going on in my life. I realize so do the men who call and sometimes cancel.
But if you book and within 24 hours of booking cancel before the date.
I believe by the behavior of most men. They cancel because they didn't realize the rates were not in their budget.
I have endured many more of the above recently And I am just about to say fuck it. I am one day of frustration away of saying November retirement.

Enough is enough. When the bad outweighs the good. It is time to pull the plug.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What is the Status Of My Retirement!

I am often asked when I am returning to Boston,Chicago,New York and Philly.

I have now found the correct circumstances for my full time retirement from the escorting community. I can regretfully say unless it is within the next few weeks with a fly me to you. I regretfully must say no last tour.

I will still be available on a full time basis in October here n DC. In November part time status only.December I will be available through the first few weeks and then I will be fully retired with my number shut off.

M email has always been the same and still available for my provider friends to request client verification until June 2013.
I am looking forward to moving in a different direction in 2013. But Yes I will plan on shooting more content for my website.

My Old Partner And Room Mate Used To Laugh!

I understand that many men get the urge and wish to have immediate satisfaction .But the issue is I would hope  that most people men and women do not go in without doing their research.

I screen for a reason. I am not looking to be harmed in any fashion.But chemistry as well. I learned a very long time ago not every date requested is worth the time for both parties.

We used to nick name ourselves Prop a hoe and Post a hoe. Men contacting you and requesting last minute dates.
It is not feasible to ask let alone expect a woman to be in a proper appearance and grooming in less then a hours request.

I do not sit at home  waiting for the phone to ring . I do not shave first thing in the morning before I go to the gym. I do not wear make up all day every day. So for those who ask for quick availability even if we have met. I need preferably 2 hours  notice.

I don't really want to be seen in less then stellar apperence and represent my self and my brand in the most posative and attractive manner.

And when you visit ads that say available now. That doesn't mean come on over. It mean I am available to be reached. If your a gent and the lady doesn't screen you. Ask yourself why?  If she is available within a hour WHY?
Hygiene must not be something your too concerned about...  One sentence.You get what you bargain for and then some..

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weighing In On The Zumba Instructor Scandle

Here We go again!
Can you believe it? 2012 We are still debating this same old tired issue regarding adult activities.

Alexis  the 29 year old mother and Zumba instructor in Kenebunk Maine accused of providing more then just Zumba dance lessons to gentlemen throughout the North East.

Let me state again my stance on this subject. Americans are too busy worried about others lives and not busy enough living their own.

I do not know this woman I don't know who is on that client list. I do know this lifestyle.
Some ca call it a crime . Some presume that all women choosing to live in this lifestyle is being taken advantage of or enslaved to a life of sex work and exploited.
I am positive at 29 her eyes were wide open. It does sound by the numerous accounts that she was being exploited.
I can only guess and make assumptions by what I know by years of experience and the people who I have known in this lifestyle what most likely occurred.

My perception is the old guy Mark Sands seems to be a guy who was most likely a client turned business partner. So many men begin to analyze the amount of money that a young woman can make.

 Let's be honest here Alexis is a smoking hot woman.I can definitely say I have had men ask me to be a business partner over the years as well as seen it happen in the hobby.
I guess I can say she made her decision to do what she did for her own reasons. Do I think she is a horrible women for it? NO!Do I think she should be  convicted of a crime? NO!
Do I think that some of the things she did to harm her clientele? Absolutely! How stupid could she have been! What was she thinking? I can not even imagine.

I am not sure is this Mark Sands talked her through this with his own perverted agenda. But I will tell you . Nobody does anything without a agenda. I can assume Alexis  most likely was convinced that her trade off with this older guy would be her financed her studio for her legit Zumba fitness  in exchange for the partner split on the  dirty deeds business.

The unfortunate victims are the clients. I know that public opinion will concur on their own that these 150 men are not victims for what they partaken in. I disagree.
I am concerned the reasoning behind her filming her gentlemen callers without their permission was not only a violation of their trust. It was also a violation of their privacy. I feel on a larger scale she broke the unwritten rule of this lifestyle. This was to be a discreet under the radar transaction between two adults.
How do I feel these gentlemen are victims you ask? Easy for hundred of years the idea of hiring a provider to fulfill a desire to be adored by a beautiful woman without extra drams not  only was broken. It was tromped on.

Some will dissect her behavior under the media scrutiny. I personally will not judge her as I am sure some of the things I have done in the last 9 years are not for the average women either. What I will do is be disappointed that yet another new girl with high hopes for money and success let common sense  and reasoning go out the window.

Now what happens after this case goes to court and the numerous agencies try to burn her at the stake with media outlets holding the flaming torch.

Alexis did not consider what she did when she uploading or streamed live with the gentlemen . If they did not know that they wer being filmed. It means they had not signed FED 2257 model release forms.
In accordance with the U.S Federal Laws in regards to make sure things like this along with underage performers are not taken advantage of.She either  provided fake 2257s or some of these guys knew they were being filmed.
I am concerned that the Justice Department with now crack down on live streaming sites more. I am not sure maybe they should who knows how many more silly girls and guys are now live streaming unsuspecting partners.
I would hope she is the only one. But.. then again I have been in this for so long. I could probably be my entire set of teeth there is more.

I can only hope that instead of making fun of her (trust me even I have had a few jokes). We learn from her stupidity and most likely her vulnerability.

I could only wish that sex work was legal in this Country in the 21 Century. I hope that before anyone who is not familiar with sex work will not stand in judgement of her but understand that she only made two major mistakes. Here IRS issues will be her bigger issue unless she still paid income tax on that money. But then they will get her for money laundry.The 2nd thing she did wrong. video taping her clients.

How many men are shaking in their boots wondering if the women they seek will keep their info. Track their clients or even forbid video them without their knowledge?

I believe it will be another few months before the dust settles in this fiasco .

Is it not time to stop wasting tax payers money chasing adult activities? Let's spend more time on the child molesters wall street crooks and murders. And yes child traffickers.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Spoiling The Stunner Who has Given You SO Many Happy Endings!

I have always enjoyed the pleasure of meeting my fans up close and personal.
I enjoy reading your sexy emails and letters.
I always accept wonderful tokens of appreciation from my sexy gentlemen callers. I have always been asked by gents who can not visit me but want to send me a gift.
So here it is darlings.
I have created a wishlist on Amazon just to make it simple.

Although my website has the things I love the most.
I have included things I do enjoy and need for my continued filming for my site as well as my fitness passion.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Although it is 2012 this Argument Still continues. is not a civil liberties issues. This is a work safety/life issue.

If you shoot porn you should be well armed with information BEFORE you decide to shoot.

But feel free to look up the lifes of Porn performers lives after they were diagnosed. Darren James attempted suicide. Lara still struggles in Canada trying to get by.

Good looking out to those who say they are looking out for the performers. The industry's already demonstrated in their past behavior with those who can no longer make them money that they are useless.

This is why I call it the baby wipe syndrome.Wipe your dick on them then toss them in the trash... Pull a new clean baby wipe out to use....

Compelled To Open Up A Can Of Worms

There is a measure on California's Ballet this November that pertains to the Porn industry.
It has created controversial statements made on all sides. But let me say this. To those who are using the term Performers Choice is about as accurate as Mitt Romney caring about 100% of the US Electorate.

In the Porn industry there has been very little Performers choices regarding condoms ever.The producers of most all companies demand NO CONDOMS. not the performers. Most women prefer condoms for safer sex practices.
This is a male dominated industry who thrive in their businesses off new off the bus girls who have no voice in this industry.
Let me set the stage as to why I did turn down many porn offers before I began in 2006/07

In March 2004 I was still working in a gym as well as working for a agency in the private companion business.The man who was my gym manager happened to be coming over to have lunch this one afternoon.

I was planning on going to the Bunny Ranch that week so he phoned me ask if he could bring a girl he just met over. My boss had just met Lara Roxxx at the gas station down the street from my house.He has told her she was a porn star she needed to work out to help promote herself better.

I agreed to let him bring her to my house. When they arrived her was this little tiny framed funny girl from Montreal. She was young naive and yet very Worldly. As We began to talk and get to know each other . I was impressed with her. But she came to California with stars in her eyes thinking she was going to be a huge star.

She was really kinda cute. She wanted me to take her to Compton looking to meet Snoop Dog. I did need to explain what you see on videos are not what you see in real life.

Now in retrospect considering what happened to the little girl from Montreal. It is a perfect metaphor.

Lara's background and her story are all over the internet and a movie made documenting her life now as a individual living with HIV.

The meeting at my house this young woman confided in me that she had a huge blister on her ass cheek. What did I think? Honestly i scared me to death . It didn't look good. But considering that the day before IS the second day after she shot the infamous scene where she contracted HIV.

Lara did not know she had been given a sentence to a life long battle with illness,shamed and humiliation.I remember the huge blister but  I did tell her it could be from having two dicks in your ass at the same time. I would think all that dick and moisture and rubbing would cause something.

I know that blister will forever be in my memory. Ask Lara Roxxx was it worth the little check the company paid her. I know her responce it is in documentation.

I chose not to do video for a while. I remember having conversations with Dennis Hoff. I said I can't be a hooker forever so I wanted to start a website that could pay me forever.
Dennis said "Summer give me 10 reasons to be in porn,I will give you 100".  I will tell you Dennis is a very smart man and been around a long time.
But I did decide I don't want to be over shot,shoot for every company. I just need a few loyal fans.
I chose to work with limited amount of companies. One's who are not exploiting girls insecure behavior.

I am not regretful of performing in films. But I have always used extreme caution.The  major issue with the industry itself is that there is no set standard on it's business practices. No set conformed testing . Now that AIM has closed it's doors. There are many performers not even testing let alone  many using many different health screening locations.
There is no clear data base to even know who is fucking who in case of emergency. What this means is this. WHO is guarding the hen house?
It really didn't help that AIM had the data base of all performers get stolen or given away to out all performers in public.

The bottom line is . These agencies are offering their services of testing for a couple hundred a month.
But most performers are not shooting ,so not many are tested.

I can say there is a email circulating being forwarded around talent. Producer seeking any girl who is current with her test to shoot.

Many porn fans see what occurs on a set on a movie not behind the scenes.
Performers are dragged to producers office on go sees. Many producers use this go see method to ask for some blow jobs or all out try to fuck the girls. That's the standard now a days.If you want to fuck girls so bad pay them.
Another reason I didn't work with alot of other companies is this. If you want to fuck me. Grab your camera and your wallet. Pay me.

Now  the stories I have heard besides since me moving to DC in 2008 has been how many male talent faking their tests. I had even heard about a male talent who called another persona to ask if they would pretend to be at the office of the testing facility to a girl when they called for est results.

Let's not forget how many industry stoppages. So my question is this. If the industry's testing was so effective in safe work practices. Answer this. Why so many stoppages?

The industry's wants to fight California on a basic work environment issues. The issue is. The producers/companies (outside VIVID,Wicked who use condoms).failed protecting the talent in this industry.
So weather you work at a insurance industry,a airline ,a Car company. You are protected by standards in practices and  safety measures.
In a industry that literally can kill you there is NO standard. And to hide behind the cloak of Civil Liberties is such horse shit.

I can say this to those whom are fighting so hard to avoid using condoms in the industry is actually taking the rights of the performer.
This industry thrives on exploiting the young ,naive and insecure women. It is sad but true. Girls like Lara Roxxx come into the industry dreaming of big money,nice things and fame. More women leave the industry disillusioned and broke.

If the producers wanted to keep it a performers choice they would ask them from the get go. Would you feel better with or without a condom? That doesn't happen.
But let me close this story on what happened to Lara Roxxx when she was confirmed to have contracted HIV.
I was at the Bunny Ranch when I had heard the news that there was a HIV outbreak. The names had not been released.
I was returning home to L.A for a few days when Lara phoned me.Her manager threw her out in the street. She had no money no place to stay. I phoned a friend in L.A to take her some money and help her out.

The porn industry is filled with many guys only seeking extra pussy and cash. I don't fault them. We are all out here hustling. If a woman is dumb enough to be used. She can't cry can she? Bu hopefully they learn.

If you ask yourself this one thing. Wouldn't you want somebody to give a shit about the performers you enjoy watching on video .

These so called advocates say they are fighting for the performers No THEY ARE NOT! They are fighting for the companies and producers..

Most fans don't pay attention to condoms. And now is the time WE as a industry demonstrate safe sex can be sexy.. USE a fucking condom.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Stunning Summer's Store Purchase DVD's 8x10's and Merchandise

Here is where you may purchase items from me directly.

Don't miss the custom video orders or stills.

I just recently added a special deal Super Soaker,New Cummers an Booty Fever for one low $30 fee includes a free 8x10

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pre Booking The Final Chance To Meet Me on The West Coast

I am currently putting together the dates for the end of October for Los Angeles,San Fransisco and Las Vegas.

If you wish to be placed o the mailing list   send me your name info and your city you wish to meet me.

Some of The Faboulous Men I Have Had The Absolute Pleasure To Know!

Let me start this post by saying this.
In the nine years  I have been in the most interesting lifestyle. I have had the pleasure of meeting some outstanding gentlemen.So many men from many different walks of life.

I realize that the public's point of view of the things this lifestyle and some similar lifestyles like swingers are so far from what they interpret .

Let me say most men are gentlemen and not the slobbering  yucky perverts that the media portrays them to be.
 The majority of gents are kind respectful business men,middle class work force and downright sexy and fun and most of all respectful  .

I would love to list some of them without giving up their identities is my way of paying tribute to the positive side of this lifestyle and the fun and excitement that came with being part of this fantastic lifestyle.

I never want to leave so many negative posts as I have been. In the past several years the positive fabulous gents are fewer and further between now the they had been in 2003.

It;s time I leave a post in honor of the great times I have spent in the company of true gents and yeah sexy pervs.... lol

In December 2003 when I entered this lifestyle I will be honest. I also had this perception the mainstream media and movies portrayed this World. I quickly learned many things. You get the type of man your seeking by how you represent yourself.
Yes working for a agency in the early months did bring me less desirable and more troublesome types.But after learning many lessons and going through some stupid incidences and some dangerous drama. I chose to cator to only the select few not everyone who wished to visit with me.

I was definitely in demand in a difficult city to compete with playboy models,porn stars and magazine models.
I did very well as I chose to be the 50's style of classy glamorous and upscale well dressed lady.

A tribute to my wonderful men is this post.
So to raise a class of  Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin in their honor for just being them.

My all time favorite Gentleman was a great play date. He always flew into Orange County and I would drive about a hour or so to meet him. He was a man with so many similar interests in sports.We shared many lengthy dates enjoying many of bottles of Merlot and conversation.
Contrary to the presumption  of just a roll in the hey.  Our dates were like real dates you would experience with a gentlemen you met without the emails to me would always begin with the line." To the most beautiful woman in the World.:
How wonderful is that? A true seducer all on his own. I was fortunate he travels to DC as well as Los Angeles and was able to still continue the fun on the E. Coast.

My second favorite Gent is a true Sports fan. We talk family,work,politics an yes Sports.. Porn ,sex and everything in between. Including playing with a few of my lady friends.
I arrived in Washington D.C in July 2008.I toured many times before moving here.This fine gentleman will always be  friend I will continue to speak with and enjoy a few sporting events. He is a true friend.I must thank him for being the only one who explained to me the driving patterns of DC. I would still be aimlessly lost

A new to the list. A retired Basketball player. I met him on tour while with my girl. He is so sweet he met me early so took me and my girlfriend to breakfast before play. Let me just say this tall hunk should do his own

I spent all my life in Los Angeles so there are many gents from either L.A or gentlemen I had met who flew into L.A on conventions or business trips.

A quick run down on the fellas since there are so many.

I can not forget the guy who used to live in L.A of Japanese decent who used to see me even when I moved to DC and come home to visit. I miss our little porn conversations. I never seen a porn collection quite like his.

The mortgage house owner from Venezuela who was one of the first to tell me to beware of the crisis and it was coming. I missed him when he sold his company his homes and moved back to Valenzuela and work his winery.

My adorable friend whom I mt many times who was a professional photographer and shot my famous pink panty shoot.

I have a sexy shy Asian friend whom I still talk to from the East Coast an have seen went to lunch with my private live friends with him. He is a true gentleman whom introduced me to the Celtic Women. I love the experiences We have shared.And We both have a love of guns... I still owe him a date t the shooting range.

I know many porn fans know from many of my porn scene interviews how I love baseball players. I can't share a list without listing some of them.

I was on the freeway in Southern California lae one evening returning from a call in the San Gabriel Valley.I pick on a call and a uy claiming to be David
I knew the hotel very well. Once I walked through the door the luggage with the Professional team tag on the case. A very very tall handsome 20 something guy ymmmy.. yummy.
i have known him for 9 years and We are still long distance friends.. But the best scenario sex in kitchen butt naked but heel in Portland.... Hard to compete with that memory....And yes I beat him at UNO.. He hates to lose.... ha ha ha I love to win.

My favorite Footballer. Wow what a toss up. But there are two major players who I will always have reat friendships and memories.

I was on tour once when I met this guy. I was returning back to L.A the following day after he was. He picked me up in his sexy white Benz. When we arrived back at my apartment he carried all three suitcases upstairs over his head up the stairs. He is lucky I didn't rape his sexy ass right then and there.
We arranged to meet up later that day after his golf game. All I can say is what happened hat night is indescribable.

My other favorite baller is one of the most outrageous bodies I have ever seen.And not only have I seen him many times but I have also brought a few or two on occasion.Let me just say I almost enjoy watching him put it on another girl as much as receiving the

Back to Los Angeles the gentleman I used to see often on his business travels. We always had dinner dates at the most exquisite hotels. One of the best evenings were at the New Otani Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.This evening began at the hotels spa with a couples massage. I still miss those little Asian beauties walking on me. We went downstairs for one of L.A's best sushi then off to desert upstairs.

I met this particular gents in the very beginning o my career. I do attract plenty of Asian gentlemen. This gents seen me quite often over the years in Los Angeles.I loved when he would go back to Japan and return with gifts for me. I received everything from Expensive Sockie and Kimonos.

I was on tour for 10 days in Vegas when I met a sexy older gent who was a pit boss. We enjoyed  great afternoon at the Green Valley Spa and share plenty of Vodka/ Cranberries. So what a pleasure when He arranged a  week in Jamaica at Hedo.I definitely will never forget the trip and the people We met.

I can never forget my sexy lawyer friend whom We will always have a heart connection. The first time We met was the last night he seen his mother before she passed. He was around the corner from my incall visiting his mom in the hospital.
He owned a home in the San Diego area as well as L.A so we would arrange once a week in San Diego. I loved sharing times with him as well. Our common interests in finance and racehorses.He was a sexy lookalike for a James Brolin type and our dates would be a sushi place then back to his place. He always paid  for my hotel to stay the night and not drive home so late.I do love tall men.
Come to think about it. I brought one of my girls from Vegas to play as well.

The Fireman from North Carolina.. Need I say more???lol

The semi Pro Football player in San Fran. Yes we knocked the mattress across the room.. Things that go bump in the night. I seen him every time I toured San Fran...

I can never forget the Australian Doctor I used to meet in L.A   twice a year for 4 years before moving to D.C. He is a fascinating gent and I love to learn from the gents who have experiences from around the Globe.

The retired Basketbll HOF gent who lives in the E . Coast but I met him several times in  L.A. Yes I spilled my glass of Shiraz on the white bedspread in West L.A... ooops glad they didn't charge him..

The shy IT guy from DC I love to text with . As you can see more of my friends are not just booty calls. And I do love the Cupcakes he brings. It just makes more cardio time...

My sexy friend who calls me precious.. I love compliments from my fellas. LOL  but more over I love men who are not just looking to hobby. This gents has ony seen  few girl and Yes I hooked him up with one of my best girlfriends. ext time it is a threesome.. puuuurrr


Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Perfect Example Why Girls Screen!

Let me begin by stating to the men reading my posts. If you still have no understanding how exactly women try to stay safe in many aspects of this adult entertainment business. The examples in my blog post below is a list and a growing one at that.

All women deserve to be safe and there should never even be a argument against that.

A special kind of buffoon who books  and goes through a grip of charades to fool you. 

So when you wonder why girls ask for deposits for extended dates here it is. This guy tiplified exactly why you must pay a deposit.

I get a call from a fan who wants to fly to DC from Dallas. He sent me a confirmed Spirit airline confirmation.
Yes I checked the confirmation number. Booked...with his info Warren Wilkins with his Spirit member number .
I made a huge mistake in my normal process I would double check Verifyhim to make sure he was not a wast of time. So yes I let my guard down a bit. Shame on me.

I guess this kinda joker has no clue the money I can make without dealing with overnights on my calender.So after 2 weeks of emails regarding his appointment here in DC.
I got that gut feeling last night. And still he kept going on with his deceiving bull.

I wake this morning and this guy who spent too much time bullshitting me and requesting pics ect.. And of course I only sent a face pic. I know men who ask for pics show they are on bullshit.( Amazing 9 years you know them like your hand.)

I wake this morning to a text I have to cancel have a great weekend. Fuckhead....

So I go to Verifyhim (where I sould have went in the beginning) I would have saved myself a lot of time and not blocked off a 12 hour spot off my calender.

So you fellas can than good old boy Warren Wilkins from Dallas TX 214-784-0703 for why girls ask for a bit of your personal info,and deposits for dates.

I value my clients time and I expect the same.

And ladies this jerk is a member on ECCIE under Warren2696  Beware. I read he also passed of phoney $100 bills to one lady.

All I can say to everyone is when your honest you get further in life. It takes too much time and posative energy to be a liar and a cheat.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Let Me Steal the Phrase From Bill Clinton... Takes some real brass!

I completely understand some people feel like they are clean.
I have never heard more gentlemen ask for unsafe play.

The disturbing thing is this.......

Some women are obliging this behavior by extra tips or pay...

All I can say is what the fuck is wrong with you?????

So let me make things very very very simple and clear.

The only person I would play without a raincoat is the man in my life.

There is NO MONEY to compinsate me for  life long illness.

I guess I need to ay this again. It is clear some escorts obviously are broke and desperate or plain foolish.
But let me use this one man as a example since he seems to not understand how the World turns.


Older gent in his late 60's verified through his work meets me over a year ago.
Not only does he suffer from a leaky prostate and pssed o me bed. (NOT A REAL TURN ON).
I am a professional and will always pay you the same respect you provide me. But when you begin to disrespect me and continue to harrass me and call me filthy names repeatedly. The gloves are off.

So In the midst of a lovely afternoon I attempt to still do the best I can to the limp biaquit and yes the raincoat came on. Yes it wound up filled with urine.

I did not utter one word even though it was quite gross.

He of course asked if he cold be like in a porn film ... No coat... NO NO NO>   Let's explain. I no longer shoot in L.A NYC for a reason.
The poor economy leads to poor behavior. And of course since 2004  just how many have shut the industry down for stds and staph infections.

I did not enter into porn to cut my life short or delete the quality of life.

I did proceed to explain to him  PSE date is WITH a PORN STAR not bare back play.

I was on a personal trip visiting my new grand babies with my family when this fella decides to phone me. He clls several times withing a hour. I do not disrespect my family nor our limited time together. Before he could blow my phone up. I snuck off to cll him asking him not to blow up my phone.

Here We go. He begins to barrage my phone leving scathing messages and filthy nasty names...

That makes you somebody who will NEVER hear me again. I won't even return your calls . YOUR a PIG!!

I only see gentlemen.

Let me clear things up. I operate in the real World with another 2 businesses. I am not broke. I am not desperate for his money or anyone like him .

This guy has called my cell every week 5 -6 times each day. Today ... 6 voice mail messages in a matter of 30 min.  All while I am living my life. In the grocery store. Every message from last week from how about 500 for the hour. to today. I hope your tested I hope you didn't give me something.

This is a pathetic individual and now seems to just want to bug me because he cant get in touch with me.

So lesson to some men who try to kill shit when they can't have something right here right now.

See YA The FUCK LATER... I mean never.

The Thousand Reasons To Retire!!!

Just like the FX show 1000 ways to die.

So many people have asked me why I am going to retire from private meetings with fans .

I can honestly say that the major purpose is o spend full time in the gym again and to compete in the body building arena again.

I need a positive feed back on a daily basis. And although of of the loyal,respectful and loving fans are always a joy to hear from. There is the sad elements in this lifestyle that is nothing but negative.

 I am not sure how many examples I will complete on this post but there will be many.

Here We go!

1. I have a family who I do not get to see as often as I would like.
2. Stalkers contacting my family and my friends. Not only a invasion of their privacy and mine. But down right creepy ,childish and dangerous.
3. Sick of dick pics texts on my phone. Like this one dick in particular is so damn special.... Seen one seen them all.4.Nasty emails from rude men.
4. Voice mails early in the hours of 2-7 .am. Some guys still play on phones like they are 8 years old.
5. Reference  checks and guys ar rude about safety issues... really. I will bet my life is more valuable then your wife finding out you are a cheater......
6.No call no shows..... need I say more...?????
7. I have a private life I would like to life it more often.
8. The only ones making money in this biz now are the ad sites...
9.Men who have no respect and are clueless. Such as the guy I seen once and refuse to see again because he doesn't know how to respect the words I am home with family don't keep calling. And of course he does and  then resorts to calling me filthy names. Would I want to see you again? hell no. And even today 6 voice mails two including. I hope you get tested. I hope you didn't give me something.. Umm This asshole actually asked me fr bareback.. Suck your own dripping pee pee dick old man.....
10.Short changed robbers..... again needs no more explanation.
11.Guys who actually don't care if they hurt or harm you.
12.A girl must travel to keep a steady income. I am personally tired of living out of a suitcase.
13. The middle of the rates ladies are getting cheaper and dirty hustling to lw levels. I will not attempt to keep up.
14. Guys who book long dates only to cancel and think it is fun to play games. Women ay bills off their calendar hours.
15.Let's not leave out the fellas who have no regard for a lady's time and likes to double book.
16. It is the guys who think becasue they use date check or p411 room service that they are vouched or oked and they still behave badly. They assume because they have plenty of nice ladies ok ,vouch them .
We do blacklist and /or post men with bad bahvior. the above reasons little or large issues gets posted.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Sad Racist Emails I recieve Way To Often

Here is the interaction sent from some guy from N.C
Yes I looked his email up.
Below is his email . And My response.I am sick and tired of usless emails with the point to be a racist bigot pig. I will out them all from now on. because I have had not one but two assholes attempt to make contact with my fmily to out me as a porn performer. So tit for tat.

My life is not what anyone sees on the dvds and websites. I have a private life that is  completely different then what these kinda fools seem to think they now me. And my family. Is off limits.
 sent from

Re: Hott

Friday, July 27, 2012 2:16 AM
You maam are disgusting.  Good for you, that you got a black husband.  Guess your the one doing all the work. I know your own family has disowned you, so you had to find you some africans to make u feel wanted.  All your worth is a nut.
I simply made a statement and you took it some where else.  I know you have no idea who I am, so I will look over ignorant people. Your not worth a charge.
If you dont get or have any life threating STD, and you live long enough to get old.  You will see who will be there to take care of you, nobody!
As for going to hell, you can keep the fire hot, cause you will see it before I will.  I do fuck myself from time to time.  Hope you get what's coming to ya, sooner than later.
On Jul 18, 2012 8:06 PM, "Summer" <> wrote:

Shawn I find your email disgusting and not worthy of being one of my fans or admirers.

My husband is black my sister in law is black so may I suggest go to hell and fuck yourself..

Warmest Wishes
Stunning Summer
2011 Urban X Award Nominated MILF of the Year And Interracial Performer

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--- On Wed, 7/18/12, Shawn Scott <> wrote:

From: Shawn Scott <>
Subject: Hott
Date: Wednesday, July 18, 2012, 7:26 PM

Your one hot and sexy woman.  I hate to see good looking girls like u with blacks. 
You need to team up with another charm, maria applebottom and do a photo shoot

this is the 2nd guy to come from Southern-charms who is a racist pig.  I am curious if he is the reason I was removed from Southern Charms. If it is why. I would prefer not to be added back to a culture that oks this type of fan.


Monday, May 28, 2012

Dismantling Rude People From Horrible Email Contacts

I took a few days off to calm down and respond to this email I received through my flyingcart store.

He is what I received on Friday May 25th and now on Monday I can respond more class without going ghetto ballistic on him.

From: Darrell Matthews
Bitch when you comming to Chicago so I can get me some summer.

so my response to him and if your reading my blog. GUYS take note. You watch too many hip hop videos to think it is OK to call a woman a BITCH in normal conversation.
I don't think it's mature,funny or otherwise acceptable to do so. If you are one of those kind of guys. I won't refer to you as a gentlemen. You might as well be a swine in my families MIDWEST FARMHOUSE.

to darrellmtthws
First and foremost NEVER DISRESPECT ME!
By referring to  me in any form  such as in email face to face or other forms of communication as BITCH!

I don't know where you learned your manners from but I will not accept this form of low grade manners from anyone.
I have a live in boyfriend who doesn't get the opportunity to call me bitch so I can tell you I won't take it from you or any other man.

2nd off I had been to Chicago and if you truly wanted to meet me on my terms. Too late. I have toured and it was highly promoted tour.

And now on the last portion of your email to me. Only respectful gents even stand a change of some SUMMER. Your low grade attempt at humor or whatever you may call. BITCH when you coming to Chicago. You lost any chance of any further communication with me.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fact or Fiction Blue Waffle Discease ?

My daughter is entering the medical field. The discussion in class regarding STD's were the subject and a unknown to me STD. Blue Waffle disease.
I have also been in the medical field in my past and sex worker for nearly 9 years now.
I have never heard or nor came a crossed this Blue Waffle disease . Honestly I am not sure if it is a Urban Legend Myth. But...

If it is true. I can not imagine anyone having it get this far.

And why they would attribute it to only prostitutes other then prostitutes are always the first to blame for carelessness and filthy hygiene which is almost always false.

But hell I will play along and play devil's advocate on this one.

Let me pose this question. IF BLUE WAFFLE does exist and prostitutes are more prone for it. Wouldn't it make a prostitute want to do lower volume? Wouldn't you as a escort prefer the older ,kinder gentler gents over the guys who just want to bang the hell out of your ovaries?

I am really hoping this is the right wings way of putting fear in some. The old adage of crying fire in a crowded room.
But I do know the facts of women who have their vaginal walls literally fall out. The women and gy men who provide anal way too often  also suffer collapsed walls.

I am concerned with the I will do anything for a buck attitude. The escorts who don't look deeper into their futures when providing the I will do anything included let you drop me on my head.

Blue Waffle???
I sure hope not...

not for the weak hearted.

The State Of Escorting in 2012

I guess I am not too surprised at the way the economic crisis has trickled down to the sex workers industry.

 It seems that those jerks who cried like little babies on a lot of the blogs and escort hobby boards have managed to succeed in some cities. These kinda guys who sat on these boards and though women charge too much. They failed to realize the escorts are taking risks and know their own financial situations.The escort is making sure it is really worth all the inherit risks and get compensated accordingly. The criers on the boards rant how they would drive down the escorts rates.Like a bunch of vultchers they pick and pick til many escorts have decided myself included. A woman in a 9-5 job is now making more money then a escort who works full-time providing companionship to men and couples and some cases ladies. I am not sure what I find more disturbing in the way some women have bowed down to this type of behavior. The number one rule is to know your own situation. A woman willing to risk everything,family and friends disowning you for what you do. Physical harm and STD are still a real threat even with protection. And most of all the serial killers, the men who rob women and those girls never heard or seen of again. None of those risks are worth a few hundred dollars. The same price the consumer of escorts believe is the value of companionship. I can't stress enough. By the time a girl runs ads,pays for clothing,make-up,nail services and hair appointments and for those touring. The air,train car experiences. Lodging lets not forget lodging. A guy will write a bad review if a woman is in a shitty motel or hotel. But if a woman obtains a higher end hotel like most of us do. Even at 300 or 500 avg donation. Girls are barely breaking even on tours. I say what's the purpose to offer discounts? I am currently in Los Angeles and no wonder I haven't been back but once or twice since moving to D.C. If I hear one more time on a particular website board what's on the menu? What the hell is wrong with these women who will oblige and respond to anyone on a board. Rule number two in this industry do not ever discuss date options except face to face. I don't care what 5 or 50 women say about he is safe. In a age of stolen pw hacking . I don't know if you are the guy who was assigned that handle. I am not careless and prefer to turn down 100 dates then to go to jail or go home in a body bag. a few hundred dollars is just not worth it. I can only offer advice to the newer escorts coming into this industry. Those of us who have been doing this quite awhile stay safe all over the World by being in control Bowing down to offer discounts on holidays and jumping for dollars is not a safe and respectful way to treat the gents who will honor your companionship and not ask for discounts. Rule in life in general.... Respect yourself first. Know your not a discount. And everything else in life will follow suite.How can a escort expect others to respect her if she doesn't respect herself? My response to the guys asking what's on the menu. I don't script my dates. The dates are always the same as if I met you in a bar or work environment. I will treat you like a boyfriend or dinner companion. It should never start out with the feeling of a transaction. That is not escorting. That is no better then streetwalkers quickie dates. Which speaking of . I have not been asked for 100 or quickie dates in such a very long time. May I suggest to the girls around the U who are also taking risks of this quickie factory. What will your body be like in 5 years?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Where Do You Think Travel exspences and ad money come from?

The title of this blog is dedicated to the time wasters who either send emails.textessages and or phone escorts with no intent to ever meet. The most A frustrating and annoying factors in the escort lifestyle is the ever so present and possibly growing number of time wasters. If I could ask one and actually get a truthful responce. Where do you think the money comes from to pay for ads,air car or train travel? How about the hotels? A guy says he wishes to meet upscale ladies upscale hotels cost hell even low budget hotels and motels cost. I can go on tour and recieve a huge amount of requests to meet. Blow my pnone up texting me for days. The time comes to meet. The timewasters either cancel with stupid childish excuses. First off. Im not your mother.I don't need excuses. What I need is you not to contact me in the first place. Only men and couples with true intent to book a time on my calendar and actually value my time andy gracious sexy presence. Again this past week numerous texts for daaaaaayyyysss. A fellas with one ref. Blew up my phone. Tried to get the hey wanna go grab a drink. And the folowing day last min. Cancel the date. Al I can say to guys with so little reguard to ladies like myselfis a giant fuck you and your appplogies. I don't want appologies. What I need is understanding. I know it's difficult for a percentage to desypher from reality and fantasy. I provide a service that is a bussiness.It may not seem like one. I pride myself on pamperi gentlemen as to not make it just a transaction When I get texts 4days later after such dissrespectful reguard for my time and money asking to seee. If I available just so you can chit chat ony cell again. Fuck you.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Stolen Photos Stolen Names???

Let me address a issue that came to light yesterday. I was notified to google my name. Stunning Summer. I am so happy i was advised many moons ago to trademark the name. I first began my escort career in 2003/04 as Summer but had the email address since 2004. I have worked very diligently to maintain a positive brand under Stunning Summer. From the beginning of shooting porn films. to the fantastic escort career to the men's magazines. You are guaranteed it has always been me. Until now. I googled my name and poof a older escort in Kansas City MO. has stolen my name. I am sure for more exposure in a small market city. But regardless it is not only theft,unprofessional but down right skanky. I am not piece by piece contacting all the outlets she is advertising under Stunning Summer. I sent her a email and will contact my lawyer this week when I get to L.A this week. If I need to file a trademark infringement lawsuit so be it. But until I can have her ass removed off the internet under my brand. Feel free to contact her and force the issue that she is messing with a force she won't be able to reckon with. The one and Only Stunning Summer.!/kansasctyescort/statuses/175993516722368512

Saturday, May 19, 2012

West Coast And SW Tour.. Last chance to meet me

Currently Touring SW and SO CAL
2012 Last tour to the West Coast except San Fran in Dec. I will end my touring career in San Fran.
book now...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Banner - Visiting PORN STAR Stunning Summer Westboro Incall

2012 Retirement Tour Continues. New York Your are so Awsome.

New York !!!
You fellas do know how to hot lady. I had so much fun and enjoyed my Easter in the big Apple!!!
The tulips in bloom the dicks were so stiff and made me wet myself...
As always 5 aare never enough for you naughty boys and yes Boston, New York I will be sure to make one last stop through in the Summer or the Fall.
Connecticut was also added in the Summer/ Fall tour.

I am going to miss you all next year....

So I hope to get it all in now. Dirty minds and filthy behavior... my favorite way to act...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Old Tricks New Players!

I have been around for almost 9 solid years in the adult entertainment business.
There is a huge amount of bullshitters who use many different styles of tricks to get free shit.

Lets start with can you send me a recent photo of yourself. Augh fuck NO.
I do sell cell pics on my store site. buy them like a true fan.

Or I seen you before and attempt to get you to see them when you really didnt see them.
Getoutta here!!!

The I am a porn producer and would like to star with you. No frigging site no model references..
The list goes on and on and on and on... but you get the idea.

The same ploys just different guys trying to yank ladies chains.

I have heard and seen or experienced most of the bullshit some of these guys try to pull.
I am not alone in this game and so many other women will tell you. It has become a running joke amonst us. So gentlemen(term used loosely) come on now. Stop already.

If you think you are the only jerk to try any of the random ass ploys for free dates,pics, videos . fuck off already.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How Strange And Twisted My Life Seems Sometimes.

As you know I am planning my impending retirement in December.
It is approaching quickly.

I have feverishly attempted to get as many cities in as I can before the end of this year. I was in a wonderful new hotel in South Boston last night and to make a point of just how odd my life has been in the 9 years.

Here is the setting.
I am attempting to fit the last two time slots available with screening and already had booked the last time slot.I had not been able to make one work.My last date of the evening and the tour in Boston was so much fun and I do love to dominate a man with my elegant sexy style. I am not the fem dom as you picture in a normal fem dom. I am more the fem fatal type of woman..
Nothing so sexy to hear a man ask me to take him do what I please... puuuurrrr

So after the play and some very interesting and intelligent conversation my date departs my room.

Now here is twist to my odd life. I go from date as Summer jump into the tub and bathe as I am on the phone to my daughter. Back to normal mom mode. No hint of Summer the sex vixen.

I love my life but I know it must seem odd to most to go from balln to baby talk with my grand daughter.
"Grandma you coming to get me on the plane" Oh don't you know as much as I will miss all my touring and exotic dates.

I miss my pookies way more.
No more phone calls to my son and must hand up quick because a guy is on his way to my location. No more shower to hear voice mails to meet me then between find my kids voice mail trapped in between.

My guy always gives me shit about the computer files with baby pics of my grand babies and naked dudes dicks sent to me. lol well one of these days I will separate them...

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Boston What Can I Say?

I can say Boston ? It has always been one of the best cities to tour for me. I first visited Boston in November 2005.

I planned well this time I know. I have been in the Beantown for a few days and have been to hot locations like Beacon Hill,Back-bay and will end my trip in the most favorite location.
I adore the waterfront here in Boston and adore the great view of the city. How romantic.

Of course the hotel and train is booked and I am ready to book many hot Bunny hunters in New York.

I will arrive Wed evening so New York stand Up.
I hope to hear from all the fellas who keep asking me over and over when am I coming to the Big Apple.
With a very heavy heart. This will be my very last trip to New York. So I hope I get the opportunity to meet so many of the fellas I have known for many years ad meet a few new ones too.

As for Chicago. I am asking everyone to pre book as much as possible as I am going to visit one of my favorite people in the World while in Chi=town and celebrate my birthday in the Chi.

I am so fortunate to meet many great guys and girls in this lifestyle and outside the few dirtbags that come with the territory. I am going to remember you all.

And again I must clarify as I still receive confused individuals I will be shooting for my website. But I won't shoot for other companies nor tour.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

One Major reason I have decided to Retire!!

Here is the perfect example of why I am pulling the plug on my career.

I seen a guy from WV last July. Nice old guy with a issue. He had asked if I would do bareback if he had been tested
I of course do not provide unsafe dates to anyone. NOT ANYONE.

Let alone he expected me to suck his dick with no condom when he had already had dripped urine on my bed due to his recent prostate issues.
Let's just say his review on the ter was not the most stellar review. But I will be first to admit. A drippy ass dick is not quit a major turn on even for a pro. I was rather grossed out.

So here is is April almost a year later . He calls and leaves a message on my voice-mail using my government issued name. Augh out of bounds to say the least.I returned his call. I informed him fist off my name I work under is Summer not my real name. One time visits does not institute you on a real close personal name basis.

I have given many nice guys my real name for various purposes. But it is not something you should take for granted to call me when you book me. EVER!

I proceeded to tell him I was out of town and wouldn't be able to meet.
I am in the midst of my retirement tour in Boston enjoying a good fuckn by a nice guy hung like Chris Charming and rather enjoyed myself.

I check my voicemails and low and behold fuck butt drippy dick leaves me a message .

"I'm sorry I called you by your first name which is ...... but I'll tell you in on the internet getting fucked in the ass and all that other stuff and wanna do that. I would think you have a problem about me calling you by your first name".

Are you mother fucking serious? You are a porn viewer and seen me and asked me to give references to other porn stars. And this is how you really feel about us?

If your the kind of guy who thinks your privileged to be in out presence then privileged to own us. YOUR FUCKING WRONG!

2012 Calendar has changed A bit.

OK! I have changed the dates for Canada so I can accommodate more Canadian Cities and also wait for Sonia Blaze to obtain her passport so doubles will be available.
So now adding Chi-town earlier then scheduled and added Detroit.

Porn Star MILF Stunning Summer Continues on the 2012 Retirement Tour Boston~NYC~CHI~

The end of a era comes to a end in Dec. I am on my final year of providing erotic dates to kind gentlemen with lust in their hearts.

From the first kiss to the last embrace I hope to leave many more friends with a smile on their face and a long lasting memory.

I am currently in Boston until April 4th
I will make my way to NYC April 4th in the evening until April 10th
Chicago has been a fantastic city for me so I celebrate my 49th Birthday with all you dirty little devils. April 10-April 14
And Detroit April 14-16 I love the Motor City and have had many good times here.

As this is my last trip to all cities except Boston. I suggest pre booking as I am only in town for a few days.
I look forward to meeting new friends and a chance to say goodbye to so many old friends.
Stunning Summer

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Updated Calendar Tourng 2012 Saying good bye to so many men!

Hello again. I have updated my Calendar and have deleted Some cities added others.
I think the NE has made so many changes since the demise of who knows how to book old friends...

I look forward to my impending visit to Canada and yes I am doing it full circle this time. Toronto will be the city I celebrate my 49th birthday!!!! OH CANADA!!!!

Buffalo it has been too long... Here I cum!!!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Escorts Recieve The Most Bizara Emails Phone Calls Texts

I am sure the idea of high end escorts seem like nothing but money,fun and travel.

Unless your on the inside actually experiencing the bullshit emails,texts and phone calls. You would never imagine how juvenile a huge portion of the population really is.

I can just say this. I adore the kind and sexy men and couples I have shared nearly 9 years with.I would never look back on my experiences in a negative light.
But. >>>
With all that said. The emails the text and the phone calls from guys who think that they find a girls number on the internet they can leave messages like a 10 yr old would prank call somebody. Or text message rude and disrespectful display of immature content.Or emails... let's discuss emails.

I understand that some males just never grow up. I find it sad to say that some people should not be allowed on the internet. If you can not control yourself and you display stupidity .

Every woman I know in the adult entertainment get the same if not the same guy emailing the same bullshit.

If you are truly seeking attention do so in a positive way. You get more bees with honey then vinegar.

I can tell you I live my life. I know the amount of love and support I get with the fans and clients I see. I don't cry my eyes out over the sour individuals who leave messages. In fact I pity a person who has such a sad existence that they slither on the internet seeking ladies contact info only to harass us.

I can not imagine having so much time available to seek out phone numbers to hate myself so much I must call somebody I don't know names or speak ill of somebody to make myself feel better.
But again I have seen it all in nearly a decade.
I will retire in December and not miss waking up in the morning to listen to voice mails from immature guys.I won't miss the text messages "IM SO HORNY I Wanna fuck YOUR BIG fat ASS'

emails rom guys who cant say where they are from. just give me a compliment. OK I have escorting site,websites southern Charms page... I can't guess where you seen me.

If you take the time to send me a email please say hi Im so and so and then where you seen me and then pay the compliment. If you can't do that. Don't waste your valuable time nor mine.

It gets so old to dig through shit to find a gem.

Can We upgrade the American culture please. It is embarrassing to see how ill out society really has become. And the mainstream has the nerve to judge porn stars and hookers.
Atleast We do have standards and still I will never accept money for my integrity.

Friday, March 2, 2012

March Madness Starts With Stunning Summer

If your a Summer fan you know I am a sports Slut!

I am beginning March Madness with my orgy party in DC. I am then headed out in PA with Sonia Blaze and Savanna Jane bringing some of the debauchery to Philly,Pittsburgh,Harrisburg and Altoona.

If you are not in L.A you haven't had the pleasure of sexy ass Sonia. Double trouble and triple dates will be available.

What can I say about Savanna Jane? Oh boy first off she is one of only a few def Porn Stars in the business. But aside from the porn. Savannah has not traveled since parting ways with Body Miracle. so Outside of Florida. Pennsylvania gentlemen it is time to help bring in a amazing March with a roar.

Be sure to view my calendar.

If I haven't placed your city on my retirement tour. Booking requests at Http://

You can also request me to come to your city

I look forward to seeing so many old friends with my girlfriends in tow...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

It was very ice To Hear From A Photog I worked with

Back In L.A when I first began my porn career. I shot with a great guy in Orange Country. Enjoy some of the photos with my hair long with extensions and exotic lingerie.

Stunning Summers Retirement Tour Calendar!

DC's Mistress OF Mischief!

March Madness March 12 Group Party

Let me introduce you to the ladies.

KaylaSquirt the amateur porn starlet who can milk any snake and soak the sheets. Kayla is a down to earth MILF fro Ohio and does travel from Ohio to Dc often.

You can see by her website Kayla is a force to be wrecked with.

Be sure to follow kayla on Twitter and check out her porn profiles

The Things I Will Miss When I Reture,Thisngs I will be glad to leave behind!

As many know. I begin providing private companionship after a very lengthy career in the fitness industry. The fitness industry is a competitive yet positive atmosphere. One would think because your competing on stage for pride and a trophy that women would be catty in their behavior.
I never experienced hate jealousy or back stabbing. In fact behind the curtains . A fitness and body building show you will see competitors help oil up,pro-tan each other. Pump up together.

I can not say that in the adult entertainment business . In a strip bar,in porn and most particular in the escort community. The majority of ladies in the community are competing for cash bring out the ugliest behavior.

If you see behind the scenes of Cat-house . It is a cat house . It is where you will find 22 of the most competitive women for the same dollar bill when that bell sounds.

To be successful you learn quickly. You have no friends in this business. It is a sad situation which leads to the loneliness some women experienced.

I have done the best to balance my real life with positive people with the limited friendships in porn with friends like Jocelyn Stone and Sonia Blaze . I communicate at least once a week.

I will not miss the chicks who are petty and conniving and back stabbing that is for sure.

I don't miss the guys who send me their dick pics on my email and cell phones. I can't imagine what provokes such juvenile behavior. I would assume that they are a bit narcissistic. I have been in the adult industry for nearly 9 years. How many dicks and sets of tits I have seen. I am not turned on or impressed no matter the size,the color or the shape of the head of the mans cock.

Texting messages that contain just are you available. Or I wanna fuck your big ass. I am single white male interested in meeting if we are compatible Are you interested.

I am your biggest fan I wanna fuck you so bad. It goes on and on. But you get the idea. It most definitely i not the best way to begin your day in a happy go lucky attitude when that is your first eye opening experience of the day.

I will definitely miss the guys I have met over the years who have been great company. I have been lucky I guess the times are changing. In 2003 when I began my new career the gentlemen would bring gifts along with the donations. I have received things from teddy bears,flowers and alcohol to jewelry,lingerie and shoes to trips and stocks and bonds.

Now I receive requests from guys who ask me for free dvds,free 8x 10s and please send me a photo to my email my phone. wow times really seem to be taking a turn for the worst.Women quit behaving like ladies. Men quit behaving like gentlemen.

The gentlemen in terms of how many call to how many you actually book.It used to be for every 50 calls you would have at least 2-3 legit gentlemen. Now you can say for every 10 calls you may speak with 2 legit gents.

I won't miss the guys seeking free phone sex,the guys seeking free dates. Meeting them for drinks while I am on tour. I find a lot of porn fans do not understand that free cocktails do not keep my cell phone on nor pay my rent.
I do understand the excitement to meet somebody they have watched on video. I do love ad adore them. But with that still in mind. I can not ask my friends who I know do have careers such as Drs. lawyers and expect free services. I have still paid my Dr friends,lawyer friends. I value their hard work,education. I don't expect them to give me anything for free.

In return I have attempted to give everything I can to my fans. I have done the best I can on film,in person and on social media. I have tried to follow many who respect me ad not dm me asking me Hey whats up. Send dms I wanna fuck . I wanna meet you how much. Social media sites are for get to know me get to know you. This year face book went south. I had a horrible experience. I have a stalker who obviously hate I fuck black men.

This horrible human went to the extent to find my real name. He proceeded to contact my High School friends, He called them outing my Stunning Summer existence.Although my kids know what I do. My ex husbands family do not,my grandmother is 98 . Not on her bucket list to die knowing her grand daughter shoots porn. And my father I am not sure. But it is not yours as a fan to tell them.crossing the line is inexcusable.So I deleted both Summer and My real face book. So again. I lost access to my family and my long time friends due to somebody who thinks they have entitlement to my life.

So what I will enjoy in my retirement from escorting. I will enjoy more time with the man in my life who has taken the back seat to my gentlemen callers for over 4 years. Many women in the escorting community have a difficult time finding men capable of dealing with the lifestyle. I will enjoy more time with my children and my grandchildren.I will focus on my fitness career again. I plan on spending more time volunteering with organizations aiding and providing services to sex workers Nation wide.I do believe I have had more positive times in the lifestyle then bad. I plan of giving back to a lifestyle that has been so good to me.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A little About The Ladies In Dc March Madness Party

Savannah Jane one of only a few deaf Porn Stars in the adult entertainment business.

Hello Gentleman and Fans,
I’m Savannah Jane the legendary deaf adult film starlet I am one of the most recognizable deaf female adult stars on the internet. If you watch a lot of porn, you have seen me. After a short retirement I am back doing new movies and some modeling.

A little about me:
I was born and raised in South Florida my best assets are my sense of humor patience and my sweet southern charm. You will find me easy to talk to and always full of laughter. I am discreet and easy to get along with, as you will experience. I can lip read and talk so don’t worry about communication.

DC March Madness March 12,7pm - 10pm Preferred 411,Date Check Memebers Raffle!

Well what would be a Stunning Summer orgy be without a few gifts for the loyal men in my naughty life?

I will be raffling off a free one hour date with me!

The criteria for the raffle is you must be a date check member or preferred 411 member .

The evening of March 12 I will provide a raffle ticket to all verified members of date-check and Preferred and yes before the party kicks off.
I will pull a ticket for a free date.

I will always have free dvds,goodie bags and yes fellas.Look at the line up of ladies bringing their Talent to Washington D.C!!!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

March 12.2012 March Madness Group Party!

March 12,2012 is closely approaching and as I write this post. The party is nearing the full stage.

It looks like 7-10 last spots for a manageable and fun time for everyone.

Here is the final starting Line up for the Party!!!!

Stunning Summer your hostess with the mos-tess!!! Stunning Summer

Sonia Blaze the L.A based super star young hottie

Kayla Squirt your amateur porn squirting goddess with long legs that go on forever.

Ginger Mc Naughty as she claims and lives up to the fiery red passionate goddess hailing from Florida,NOLA,Boston.

Savannah Jane Florida based Porn Star with busty built and can be seen on may porn sites everywhere on the net including Club Jenna,Playboy,Brazzers.

Last bit definitely not least a surprise guest. She is a UTR Porn Star MILF with which fantasy will meet reality.

One great donation at the door.

Six hotties ,cocktail and h'ordeves and playtime.

I am also going to ask if you are in attendance provide me your date-check or provider411 membership ids .

In appreciation of the tools that make my life easier. Datecheck ,p411 members Will be in the raffle for a free one hr date with me.

There will be goodie bags filled with a few giveaway items and all the Hedonistic fun a guy can handle.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Plan your feb with Stunning Summer

Tour Boston, MA 2/2/2012 2/5/2012
Tour New York, NY 2/6/2012 2/6/2012
Tour Dallas, TX 2/7/2012 2/09/2012
Tour Shreveport,LA 2/10/2012 2/14/2012
Tour New Orleans, LA 2/14/2012 2/19/2012

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

For Every Racist Email I Balance It What A Compliment!

I am assuming the last email I had posted came from the Southern- Charms site. as I had just posted a recent IR photo set. So here is the email I receive the following day.

Life is balance and I promise my lovely fans mean moe to me. I really am not bothered by the bad. I pitty them.

Hello! I just joined your site and you are a very sexy woman! You look hotter than women 20 years younger than you! My favorite pic set is you with that haitian! It is so steamy seeing an interracial sex scene!! Do you have any videos going on sc? An interracial sex scene in the bedroom would be great! Hope to hear back!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Disturbing Racism Is Alive and Well!!!

It is 2012 is it not?

It is a sad fact that there are ignorant and stupid individuals on our Planet.

Those folks think they are so invisible in their world they feel sending me immature and grotesquely vulgar email will get them attention.

So here it goes.

I just opened this email from


I WAS going to sign up for a membership but when I saw that you let nigger boys fuck you I said NO WAY JOSE!!!

It's just my policy NOT to get memberships for girls that fuck blacks.



I am betting this town idiot had no money in his bank to even buy a membership let alone worry about who I fuck.

I find it sad this thing walks amongst the rest of us who view people for who they are and their character.

Something he is obvious short on.

Derrill Perch is a complete moron .Here is his personal info I was able to find on him.

id : 100000782764039
name : Derrill Perch
first_name : Derrill
last_name : Perch
link :
gender : male
locale : en_US
last updated : Fri 18 Mar 09:42:53 2011

he has accounts on

Huntley, Illinois, United States
Age : 55-64
Gender : Male

People can I express again.
This is 2012 and sending me a email such as this . YOUR NOT ANONYMOUS!!

I can not fix you racism but I can stop you from sending other ladies vulgar shit over the internet.

DC March Madness Orgy Party!

Mark your calendar fellas! March 12,2012 in D.C these lovely ladies will be in attendance waiting to fulfill your fantasies.
As single guys who has always hoped to be included in a group setting amongst some of the industries more desirable and uninhabited women.
This is your opportunity.
Many of you know is it very difficult to get invited to a group party. Many do not have a play partner comfortable to attend a group party.
By special invite only. Here is the chance of a lifetime for most.

This party is very much a private and secluded soiree. All guest must be highly screened for everyone's privacy and enjoyment. To be placed on this events invite list.

Gentlemen must either be current friends with any of the ladies on this events list or screened through date-check or preferred411.

This event will include door prizes,goodie bags and so much ore fun.

Our lovely line include Savannah Jane !

Do check out Savannahs movies to get acquainted with her work.

Of course you are all familiar with me your hostess Stunning Summer
be sure to work yourself up with my flicks before We party the night away.

Sonia Blaze the industry has been fortunate to have this lovely red headed Latina in it. she is tall sexy and accommodating. Sonia hails from Los Angeles and has only been to DC once. let's welcome here again in style. Peek her flicks..

What can be said about Porn's newest squirting MILF? Kayla Squirt tall thin and very wet can just be a few. Her appetite for men can not allow enough room on a blog.

A special treat to be added to this evenings event. A under the radar porn tar MILF. I swear for most men who will pleasantly surprised.This blond bombshell has many XXX titles to her reseme.

Get invited send your name and info to

Southern Charms Update

Here are a few photos you will find on the recent updates.

It has been a absolute pleasure to receive so many complimentary emails from all of you guys.
I am so happy you guys appreciate the updates.

be on the look out for some more hot photos.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Despicable Behavior Surrounding Adult Entertainers

I can tell you there are so many blood suckers who try to gain money from the adult entertainers.
Over the past 8 years I have encountered many of them on all levels.

From photographers who over charge girls for so called in crease your business attention getting photographs.To the over priced website builders. The guys who barter for reviews to the bad guys who threaten girls with bad reviews for services they don't offer.

I have never seen this one before though. Here is all the emails I had received from this guy.

It began from my tour in Ohio he responded to a ad.

sent from a email from
Hi, I recently designed a gorgeous flash intro that I truly believe would look beautiful on your website. Please take a look at it at


Now if you happen to check out it is a very unprofessional one page site. With a service of building a photo page. If your familiar with photbucket. It is a photobucket hosting photo page.

I sent him a do not send emails unless it is booking. Responce from GFEexpereince comes from another email

I can help you get more clients! I own the and recently designed a really cool flash intro which you can put on your website to attract more clients. Please take a look at the design and let me know if you have any questions. You can use the existing design with the photos that I have, or you can include your personal photos. Thank you.


NOW two emails from both addresses come with this message

Hello, I write professionally written reviews on TER - The Erotic Review. My reviews are written in such a way, that you will get more clients. You simply complete a short form for me to tell me more about yourself, I write the review, I post it, and your phone starts to ring more. Most clients don't write reviews and even if they or you wanted to write one -- it takes experience to get a review to actually get posted without being banned by the TER staff. A lot of my time goes into this so it certainly isn't cheap but is highly worth it. The investment that you make with this will pay off very quickly. Each post is $69 and discounts are available for pre-paid packages of 10, 20, and 30. Please let me know if you are interested and I could send the online form to you.

If you are a adult entertainer. May I give you one word of advice. This is not how your grow your business. If your a gent in the hobby this is not proper way to help your fellow members is keeping the game from becoming muddied and avoid the rip offs.
Any woman partaking in this is the complete opposite of what you are avoiding. RIP offs.