Tuesday, January 31, 2012

For Every Racist Email I Balance It What A Compliment!

I am assuming the last email I had posted came from the Southern- Charms site. as I had just posted a recent IR photo set. So here is the email I receive the following day.

Life is balance and I promise my lovely fans mean moe to me. I really am not bothered by the bad. I pitty them.

Hello! I just joined your site and you are a very sexy woman! You look hotter than women 20 years younger than you! My favorite pic set is you with that haitian! It is so steamy seeing an interracial sex scene!! Do you have any videos going on sc? An interracial sex scene in the bedroom would be great! Hope to hear back!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Disturbing Racism Is Alive and Well!!!

It is 2012 is it not?

It is a sad fact that there are ignorant and stupid individuals on our Planet.

Those folks think they are so invisible in their world they feel sending me immature and grotesquely vulgar email will get them attention.

So here it goes.

I just opened this email from

DERRILL P derrillp@webtv.ne

I WAS going to sign up for a membership but when I saw that you let nigger boys fuck you I said NO WAY JOSE!!!

It's just my policy NOT to get memberships for girls that fuck blacks.



I am betting this town idiot had no money in his bank to even buy a membership let alone worry about who I fuck.

I find it sad this thing walks amongst the rest of us who view people for who they are and their character.

Something he is obvious short on.

Derrill Perch is a complete moron .Here is his personal info I was able to find on him.

id : 100000782764039
name : Derrill Perch
first_name : Derrill
last_name : Perch
link : http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000782764039
gender : male
locale : en_US
last updated : Fri 18 Mar 09:42:53 2011

he has accounts on match.com

Huntley, Illinois, United States
Age : 55-64
Gender : Male

People can I express again.
This is 2012 and sending me a email such as this . YOUR NOT ANONYMOUS!!

I can not fix you racism but I can stop you from sending other ladies vulgar shit over the internet.

DC March Madness Orgy Party!

Mark your calendar fellas! March 12,2012 in D.C these lovely ladies will be in attendance waiting to fulfill your fantasies.
As single guys who has always hoped to be included in a group setting amongst some of the industries more desirable and uninhabited women.
This is your opportunity.
Many of you know is it very difficult to get invited to a group party. Many do not have a play partner comfortable to attend a group party.
By special invite only. Here is the chance of a lifetime for most.

This party is very much a private and secluded soiree. All guest must be highly screened for everyone's privacy and enjoyment. To be placed on this events invite list.

Gentlemen must either be current friends with any of the ladies on this events list or screened through date-check or preferred411.

This event will include door prizes,goodie bags and so much ore fun.

Our lovely line include Savannah Jane !

Do check out Savannahs movies to get acquainted with her work.


Of course you are all familiar with me your hostess Stunning Summer
be sure to work yourself up with my flicks before We party the night away.

Sonia Blaze the industry has been fortunate to have this lovely red headed Latina in it. she is tall sexy and accommodating. Sonia hails from Los Angeles and has only been to DC once. let's welcome here again in style. Peek her flicks..


What can be said about Porn's newest squirting MILF? Kayla Squirt tall thin and very wet can just be a few. Her appetite for men can not allow enough room on a blog.



A special treat to be added to this evenings event. A under the radar porn tar MILF. I swear for most men who will pleasantly surprised.This blond bombshell has many XXX titles to her reseme.

Get invited send your name and info to felineflicks@gmail.com

Southern Charms Update

Here are a few photos you will find on the recent updates.

It has been a absolute pleasure to receive so many complimentary emails from all of you guys.
I am so happy you guys appreciate the updates.

be on the look out for some more hot photos.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Despicable Behavior Surrounding Adult Entertainers

I can tell you there are so many blood suckers who try to gain money from the adult entertainers.
Over the past 8 years I have encountered many of them on all levels.

From photographers who over charge girls for so called in crease your business attention getting photographs.To the over priced website builders. The guys who barter for reviews to the bad guys who threaten girls with bad reviews for services they don't offer.

I have never seen this one before though. Here is all the emails I had received from this guy.

It began from my tour in Ohio he responded to a ad.

sent from a email from :LeoG76@aol.com
Hi, I recently designed a gorgeous flash intro that I truly believe would look beautiful on your website. Please take a look at it at www.GFEexperience.com.


Now if you happen to check out GFEexperience.com it is a very unprofessional one page site. With a service of building a photo page. If your familiar with photbucket. It is a photobucket hosting photo page.

I sent him a do not send emails unless it is booking. Responce from GFEexpereince comes from another email address:MichaelZisterman@aol.com

I can help you get more clients! I own the GFEexperience.com and recently designed a really cool flash intro which you can put on your website to attract more clients. Please take a look at the design and let me know if you have any questions. You can use the existing design with the photos that I have, or you can include your personal photos. Thank you.


NOW two emails from both addresses come with this message

Hello, I write professionally written reviews on TER - The Erotic Review. My reviews are written in such a way, that you will get more clients. You simply complete a short form for me to tell me more about yourself, I write the review, I post it, and your phone starts to ring more. Most clients don't write reviews and even if they or you wanted to write one -- it takes experience to get a review to actually get posted without being banned by the TER staff. A lot of my time goes into this so it certainly isn't cheap but is highly worth it. The investment that you make with this will pay off very quickly. Each post is $69 and discounts are available for pre-paid packages of 10, 20, and 30. Please let me know if you are interested and I could send the online form to you.

If you are a adult entertainer. May I give you one word of advice. This is not how your grow your business. If your a gent in the hobby this is not proper way to help your fellow members is keeping the game from becoming muddied and avoid the rip offs.
Any woman partaking in this is the complete opposite of what you are avoiding. RIP offs.

Dinner Dates That Make Your Giggle And Wiggle!

I consider myself fortunate to meet with gentlemen who are not only intelligent. They are very much as entertaining and kind and sexy as anyone woman can hope for.

I enjoy sharing time at a dinner table with gents who love more then just a roll in the hey.

I would love to share an experience with one of the best dates I have been lucky to not only meet with once or twice. In fact I even shared this wonderful man with a friend.
Go ahead insert filthy thoughts....

As my final year is ticking away I am so happy to get to meet with some long time friends.
On this evening I am having a dinner date with one of my all time favorites.
I am dressed in a lovely black dress suitable for a evening out with a gent who is not only deserving of the utmost respect. He deserves the tease of the professional attire knowing what will occur after dinner.
I am wearing a lovely set of ocean pearls over the black dress to help create a little more of a thought provoking dinner tease.

The evening begins with my gentleman caller meets me at my hotel room. As we leave the hotel we realize the National Lesbian and gay alliance is holding a convention in my hotel. He commented on the few butch ladies riding in the elevator. Honestly I love my lipstick ladies.

As we arrive at the restaurant early for our reservation the staff were kind enough to fit us in.

We are seated at our table and not long after sitting. Our very eager waiter arrives to take our order.My date is always a compelling conservationist. I enjoy sport talk along with my friends new job.

I think the eager beaver waiter must have interrupted our conversation at leat least 4 times before We ordered dinner.I think the service industry professionals should train waiters and waitresses in this area.

I enjoy our conversation and it is few and too far in between time when our schedules meet. So I am soaking up his company.

We are completing dinner and one of the Eager beavers stops at the table he did ask us if We wanted coffee of after dinner drinks.We both decline the coffee.
My date asks the eager beaver where the gentleman's room is. When suddenly to our surprise. Eager beaver says"I will show you follow me".
I did everything I could not to burst into laughter. My dates face was definately priceless. Is this waiter having dirty thoughts????
I feel fortunate my date was not molested in the restroom.

He did have a very disturbing story from the restroom and it is not what you are thinking. He begins to tell me he was at the urinal when he looks at the top and there was a pile of coffee filters.

Now my blond self had to work through the thought process. A pile of coffee filters in the men's room.
Oh jeeze ! A waiter or staff needed to use the potty and brought the filters with him. EEEWWW!
I am so happy We declined the coffee.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Most Memorable Dates Since 2003

I can look back amongst the illustrious career of providing entertainment since Dec 31,2003. Here are a few of my favorite and most memorable dates. Names never mentioned.

Of course I can't begin to begin this post without the very first evening.

New Year's eve 2003

I had worked with a agency who sent me out on my very first call. dancing on the bed for a cute truck driver in my own city. Did I feel a bit nervous ? You know I was scarred out of my mind.I was worried I would run into friends or family.

Of course the last meeting of the evening Dec 31,2003. A couple from Los Angeles. I had never been bi or bi curious so this was going to be a stretch for me.Not only was the husband wishing to see his wife with a woman. He never touched me. He just wanted to watch. She was 4 months pregnant with their combined 7th kid.
Wow 2 hours of play time and my phone was ringing off the hook.
This was what help created Summer.

Endless Summer...lol

Back in those early days screening was not really more then talking to somebody on the phone and catch them in their bullshit lies or go with your gut instinct.
I look back now and thank goodness the amount of injuries and incidents were minimal.

One of my favorite experiences was in my first year of providing. I met a very high up Movie Studio head in a hotel. He wanted to experience golden showers.OK .
I am so cool with that. I made sure I stressed. I am peeing on you right? I don't do the opposite.
I opened the door to a very handsome dark haired man. He was well dressed in a fine fitted suit.As he undressed I readied the bathtub with the pillows from the bed.
He stepped inside the tun and laid down to experience the flowing showers.So after his departure. I knew exactly how empowered men wish to hand over the reigns to me.

As a Bunny Ranch Babe I was lucky enough to be a Wedding gift from the Wife to the Hubby. How honored did that make me feel. This lovely older woman was a swinger and opened that world to her new Hubby. They tied the knot in Reno and picked me from the line up to have a wonderful three_way.I was so honored to share such a personal moment with them.

I can tell you this the experiences at the Bunny Ranch was not only very liberating sexually. It was a foundation I used to conducted my business.Dennis Hoff is one of the mentors in adult entertainment for many women. I feel privileged to call him a friend.
One afternoon at the ranch a married man walked through the door. I took him on the mandated tour of the Ranch. We agree uppon what he was hoping for. He looks down at the novelty menu We pass out on the tour. He reads off Freak Of The Week. That's what I want he explained.
OK! For you what is freak of the week? I asked. Alas my very first strap on session.

I borrowed a strap from one of my girls and away We go. I never seen anyone take anything in their ass and flip with enjoyment like I seen that day. I felt so empowered. I fully understand why men think of sex so much throughout the day now.

To the numerous Military men I have been fortunate to meet. From the Navy guys I sent off from Reno to War to the men I met in L.A . to the gents in DC and all over Canada. I salute you all.
I am sorry to say Some came home without the limbs I seen them with before going to war. I am afraid to wonder how many may not even be with us now.

I once seen one of my favorite military guys shortly after my beginning. I seen him in L.A before he went to Iraq. About a year later he calls me to meet and by the end of our conversation he asked me. "Summer I do need to tell you. I lost my leg. Are you ok with a prosthetic?" I wanted to cry inside. I feel terrible he lost something in the war to make our country a free democracy but We are hiding in the shadows.
On one of the occasions I met him after his return. The fire alarm went off in the hotel. One of my girls was in one room above me. She calls asking what should I do. I told her go downstairs. Here I am with my gentleman with his prosthetic off.I carried him down three flights of stairs. It was my turn to play hero. Thank goodness no fire.

I will never forget any one . I clearly see most of you wonderful gentlemen,couples and yeah ladies too.

I recall the lingerie changer...
I met you in a hotel and you asked me to have plenty of changes to model for you. You brought your dog lease. How sexy . You were my doggy for the day. I walked you in my hotel room and you let me swat your ass til it turned beet red. How damn fun were you? So much so We met several more times over the years.

How about the actor who gave me a different identity.My goofy ass never gave a personality any special rates or treatment.I see all my friends equal. But hey I kept looking at you in the shower before I realized who the hell you really were..lol

The Basketball player who bumped his head walking through the door of my hotel,the basketball player I met in Santa Monica who asked me to bring a movie. Damn I loved the email you sent. Your team had my movie on the team bus . Your team made the playoffs that year. Maybe I am good luck huh?

The baseball player who sent me to the city he was sent to rehab a bad ab injury only to lift me from behind til my feet were dangling off the floor 2 feet. I love the high heel fetish btw. Cooking breakfast naked with only heels. That was so hot.I loved the stares your minor league team gave when I showed up to watch you pitch.And the motocross guy from Metal Mattias I met flying to you. What fun.

I remember the time I toured San Francisco and met a minor league football player who also body builds. OH MY G!Lets just say by the time that bull left my china hutch(wink) the entire king bed at the Hilton hotel was on the floor three feet at least off the box springs.

The time one of my dates forgot to lock their door and the poor maid service will never be the same. I believe at the time the middle of Falito was quite surprising to the maid.I never missed a beat.. ha ha !

I love the guy who kinda freaked me out. He showed up with his very own kink kit. I tied him to every piece of furniture in my hotel suite. I can still see the ropes everywhere like a spiders web. I thank that guy for such a hot memory.I learned so much from you.

My old double partner Miranda and I did a double with one of my gents who used to be so addicted to his Summer. I used to see him 3 times a week three hours at a time. Miranda and I def made you sweat.In Westlake You almost broke your neck in the shower. Thank goodness it wasn't a weekend at Bernie's.I would hate to have a dead guy in my hotel room.

I could never forget one of my all time favorite gents. We used to share Heineken's ordered by room service and We laid naked in bed sports chatter three or 4 hours twice a week every week for years. OMG so many times you smoked in my non smoking hotel rooms. Thank goodness I never got charged for that...I loved the sports stories. And thanks for the referrals... wink

I am so sad so many people think that gentlemen who seek the companionship we provide are somehow broken or demented.That is so far not anywhere close to the men and women I meet.
I have more sexy hot friends I have met over and over again.

To my very sexy friend who used to fly to orange County several times a month. The best way a man can begin a email is to seduce her.
The emails always begin with to the sexiest Woman in the World. Yes boys . this works every time.
He taught me how to smoke a cognac dipped cigar. What a great memory. I will always have a box of Cubans for you. Wink!

I have been fortunate to have taken travel vacations with many hot and generous men. From British Columbia to Jamaica and Caribbean cruises. I have enjoyed them all. Ski trips are definitely one of my favorite in Telluride. Boy did We have a ride.

We did make a way to play on the slopes... I love men with imagination.

Jamaica Hedo trips have been fun. Mile high club entries a few times..

For all the dinner dates. Good food,company and conversation is such a fun and exciting way to get to know you.

From the Beverly Hills hotels ,to the Santa Monica Pier to the DC Adams Morgan.New York theater and San Francisco Fisherman's wharf. It has been a blast.

Vegas ! How can I not mention my man in Vegas who took me to a swinger spot and we were def the hot couple people wanted to get to. Your handsome and kinky.

My dearest overnighters. Bless you all. You get me drunk and try to take advantage...lol

From my Japanese,Chinese,Italian,Sweeds,French,British guest. I am so glad to share culture and pleasure with you all.Actually I don't think I could name all of the World guest. .

I can't forget the fan from India whom brought me a gift of a line of lucky Elephants.To this day it hangs at my front door for good luck. Thank you all for teaching me more then any book I have ever read.

My cuddles,fetish freak and dinner guests. You all have fulfilled my wildest dreams. You made a perception of my industry look shameless so off point.

As much as I can say the recent years have lost so many of you in the hobby. I am happy to say there are a few of you left. I appreciate and adore you fellas.I really wish the girls new to this industry had been luck enough to have seen a better time of fun,money and more enthusiastic kind gents.

I hope to share more memories with many of you before I retire in Dec.

Cheers and play safe.

private Companions VS Reviews Sites

In Early 2004 I was so naive and brand new to the business of private companionship.

I was living in Southern California and although I was recently divorcing and living the single life. Nobody could have prepared me for what was going to go on.

I had not worked in a adult entertainment business since working as a cocktail waitress in a strip bar since my college days.I had no idea what I was getting into.
There is no little handbook they pass out to women when they sign up to advertise their dates.

Nobody warned me about craigslist,the ter,and other sites that will perpetuate their sites from the hides of women.

I had no idea some men visit women and then write a review of their experience.

Like some things in real life. The connections are not always clear and visible at the time that you experience them.
Let me set the scene.
It is 2004 and I had worked for a few really shady crappy agencies to learn the biz. What I learned was what not to do in the biz. These Los Angeles agencies run bait n switch dates and low budge rates.The girls who answer the phone make promises on the phone to the clients like you will get high with them and such.
In the end the girls who work for these agencies are all put in harms way even more.

My first response to a ad in the old LA Express which is a newspaper ad for girls and other jobs wanted classified section. I responded to a ad for a agency offering a better split then the current agency I was working with.

I had agreed to meet this guy at a coffee shop close to my home. He stated he had the agency and had a female co owner.IE (experience tells me now a pimp and his bottom bitch).I sat for approximately a hr or so discussing their booking policies and their money split.He asked if he could take a couple pics. Naive ass me. I said yes. I had no idea why.

He called me the next day asking me to meet him in Long Beach and fill out paperwork.
The douche I referred to before Dirtbag number one tells me. Don't go down there alone. He hands me a little 22 to put in my purse just in case.

I drive down to Long beach late that evening to meet. I meet with him and a woman who tell me. They wanted me to meet one of their clients who would write a review in exchange for his session he owned the review board.

At this time I had no clue who ,what ,why. All I knew is I don't play unless I got paid. So I said hell no.
Just at that moment when I was heading out the door poof the door opens and a fat ugly dirty looking man walks in. Whispering and such. They tried to ask me to stay.
I got to my car quickly locked the doors.
The man who owned the agency quickly followed. I quickly pulled the little friend out of my purse and put it on my lap.
At that moment I believe the little owner seen my companion and rushed away from my car.

The next day I get a call from dirtbag number one to ask me if I had allowed them to photograph me. Because on the internet was my photo in my Phillies baseball jacket.

One phone call to tell him to remove my photo rom their site. Or I would need to take action. The photos dissapeared and later in my dealings with other girls in the industry. I had no idea but.
The dirty looking guy in Long Beach that night was the infamous Dave the TER owner at the time.

Over the next year I will meet and experience many great experiences but I also had the bad.
A local girl I knew had been arrested and she said she was arrested due in part to this review site. So I reported to ter to take the 4 reviews I had at that time down.Honestly I never liked the reviews . It reminded me of the high school boys who spoke shit in a locker room about their conquests.

But like most girls in the early days of Internet advertising. The ter became a necessary evil to ones business. Without a review or two guys didn't know if you offered bait and switch,rob gents or actually were who you said you were.

Over the years girls have been extorted for reviews. Men have used the threat of writing a bad review if they didn't comply with their requests. Or even if you refuse to meet a guy fake reviews are often done.
This Dave Cummings said he began the site to help gents avoid getting ripped off or robbed. The site was designed for men not women.
I there ever was a truer statement ever spoke of the ter. This site is not for the women....

Many times over the course of my career. I had spoken to women who had been abused by not only good ol Dave but many of his members as well.
In the most part. Most of us just try to steer clear of the extra drama the ladies in this industry already deal with daily.

We get to the point that you just deal with it and go with the flow. If you don't screen you wont see jerks is not always the case. But the ter has members who are whitelisted. I have also heard of men who extort those from providers as well.

In 2008 when I arrived in DC. I was thrilled that the local board was actually entertaining. The group of hobbyist and the providers here in DC had a active and fun board. Suddenly in 2009 the board took a ugly turn. Some members chose to not only make vicious attacks on the other men but the providers as well. Slowly We all decided to no longer participate on the local board. Just send the normal weekly advertisement of where we would be available.

I am a well traveled person as you all know. Which means that I need to post on many other boards as well. And the one thing most all women will tell you. Never ever respond to text messages from those we do not know.
One afternoon last week I get numerous texts from a guy in Ohio. I had already responded to him before not to text me. He apologized. This time he begins a barrage of text. How he is a whitelisted member of ter and how the top reviewed girls were on his hit list. And they all said he was a nice guy. I had told him if you can't obey my rules on a cell. You can't be trusted in private. makes you a asshole.
I seriously do not need to know somebody else thinks your great. I have always told women.
Some men can be fabulous to you and a shithead to somebody else.

He then offers to write a bad review and how he had 30 people on ter who could also write a bad review. I notified ter of this. Their solution like all women should be surprised. They removed my info reviews and just avoid helping a woman. They are obviously here to vacillate the intimidation,extortion of women.

I refuse to be intimidated not aid in the mistreatment of not only me,my clientele,my provider friends.
So like Dave Cummings who is in jail for taking out a contract on Ms. Amy Taylor's life.TER has not come far from their illustrious beginnings.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Updated Tour 2012 Catch The Kitty retirement Tour

Tour Baton Rouge, LA 1/29/2012 1/30/2012
Tour New Orleans, LA 1/31/2012 2/1/2012
Tour Biloxi, MS 2/2/2012 2/2/2012
Tour Lafayette, LA 2/3/2012 2/3/2012
Tour Shreveport, LA 2/4/2012 2/4/2012
Tour San Antonio, TX 2/7/2012 2/7/2012
Tour Austin, TX 2/8/2012 2/8/2012
Tour Dallas, TX 2/9/2012 2/11/2012
Tour Indianapolis, IN 2/20/2012 2/24/2012
Tour Chicago, IL 2/25/2012 2/29/2012
Tour Houston, TX 2/5/2012

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Suspending Future Post Until I know I am In A Safe Position.

Some of you who follow me on twitter are aware.
I have encountered a fn or somebody I may say is not a real fan.

Somebody has crossed the boundaries.

I have always been close to all of you. I had subscribed to the theory if I kept a close and somewhat personal contact with you all. You would not cross the lines y seeking more.

I am saddened to say. That is not the case. I learned yesterday. My personal life had been not only invaded and the friends I have known for years had been violated.

May I say. I shoot porn but my friends and family did not make that choice.

Their privacy is my top concern. I knew the risks of losing my privacy. But the safety and privacy of family and friends are not open territory.

So until I am sure my family safety is not in jeopardy. I will not be posting on twitter,the facebook has been deleted as it is obviously able to allow intrusions.
I am truly in love with my private life and those in it. And it trumps the work I have ever done.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Question Most Frequently asked in The Escort Community!

The question that new gents to the hobby ask is "How do I get references if I never seen a escort before?"

Well if this was in the 1990s and paper ads and agencies prevailed. Some girls never screened. Or agencies took every call.

Today We deal with far more danger posed by thrives,rip offs,killers and yes pimps still are a relevant threat to independent women in most major cities across the U.S and Canada.

To avoid these at best most women can do is to screen.I can not say it is fool proof. Like any other element in life.Some things do have a percentage factor (like rolling dice).
The more you play the higher your chances you will encounter a bad experience.

To lower these potential experiences we do a required screening process. I must admit some women go overboard with their screening process. But I can't say it is wrong. Every women must do what will make her comfortable in her own situation.

The following links are just a recent news worthy escort killings that sex workers industry has had. I hate to say their are way more that never hit the light of day.


mny have heard more of the Craigslist killer in Boston. I knew a women from a local board who was tied up in her home. The douche bag attempted to robbed her.If the dog she has had not made such a racket. Who knows. She may have been the first dead victim.

The point is this. The new guys attempting to enter the business either do not understand the inherit risks for all. OR...

They just don't care.

If a women ask the gent for information that makes her feel safe. If you really want to participate in a fun and thrilling life experience. Please do so with out a fuss.

I may also suggest this. If you are told I'm sorry I can not see you due to what ever reason. Please do not give her grief! She is just trying to enjoy life and pay a few bills in the midst of dodging bullets at every turn.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Two Of The World's Oldest Prostitutes


Revised Tour Calendar.

You guys rock. Due to extending my Cleveland and Columbus into the tour. dates have been changed a bit.

Home Falls Church, VA
Tour Cleveland, OH 1/5/2012 1/8/2012
Tour Columbus, OH 1/8/2012 1/10/2012
Tour Cincinnati, OH 1/11/2012 1/13/2012
Tour Indianapolis, IN 1/14/2012 1/16/2012
Tour Chicago, IL 1/17/2012 1/19/2012
Tour Louisville, KY 1/20/2012 1/21/2012
Tour Lexington, KY 1/22/2012 1/23/2012
Tour Knoxville, TN 1/24/2012 1/24/2012
Tour Nashville, TN 1/25/2012 1/26/2012
Tour Memphis, TN 12/27/2011 1/28/2012
Tour Baton Rouge, LA 1/29/2012 1/30/2012
Tour New Orleans, LA 1/31/2012 2/1/2012
Tour Biloxi, MS 2/2/2012 2/2/2012
Tour Lafayette, LA 2/3/2012 2/3/2012
Tour Shreveport, LA 2/4/2012 2/4/2012
Tour San Antonio, TX 2/7/2012 2/7/2012
Tour Austin, TX 2/8/2012 2/8/2012
Tour Dallas, TX 2/9/2012 2/11/2012
Tour Houston, TX 2/5/2012 3/6/2012

AEBN Theator of Stunning Summer Movies Avail ON VOD!


The Emails I Have Recieved Over The Years Some Good,SOme Bad, Some Funny As Hell!

I will clip a few of the emails I have received over the years. They are highly entertaining.
When you may wonder why women are so cranky in your emails to us. I hope this will give you insight to just what kinda of things we deal with.

I will always maintain these folks anonymity although some have been exposed here in previous posts. Those are the thieves in the industry.

Enjoy the reading.

The Good Emails. That kept me in the biz for so long...

Allow me to start off by saying that I am a fan. You are the best intense fuck I have ever had in my life. I cannot stop thinking about you. I would love to meet you again and re-create a sensual intense xxx experience with you again.

I need to see u

The positive responses by fans!

Hi again, thank you for replying. I saw your sites. OH my god!!!! you are one super hot freaky MILF i truly would love to... if you know what i mean. I saw your XXX vid on AEBN. 1st Granny and 2nd one Shane Diesel fucks all 7 .. omg.... I m from cleveland, Ohio. I will give you more details once im sure im ready. I hope you ll pass through Cleveland, Ohio sometime. Thank you

Guys looking for free pussy!

Hey sexy, so you ever need any young hung meat for your website??
> Sent from my iPhone

The long and lengthy emails with erotic or major suggestions for films. and or session.

They truly have no choice but to comply. They agree to do whatever he wants.

Director: “"Ok. Are we ready to make this video?"

Mom: “Yes. I think so”

Mom looks over at Tyler

Son: “ Lets do it!”

Director: "Great! I want to see some very hot sucking and fucking from my mom and her baby boy"

Director: “Why don’t you kiss your son Lisal”

Mom and son awkwardly begin to kiss. At first it is not passionate enough fr the director,

Director: “Come on guys with more passion. Stick your tongue deep in your sons mouth Lisal”

With that the finally begin to kiss with passion. The sex scenes for the video take time to develop as mom and son awkwardly work into it. The opening scene is the blow job. To start the scene he makes the mom do a little strip for her son. He instructs the son to removes his pants. Mom is directed to get between her sons legs on the bed and stroke and suck his cock. At first she struggles to do it. Eventually she begins to suck his cock. The director tells her:

Suggested camera angle: The main focus should be on moms mouth sliding up and down her sons cock but it should on certain occasions show Tyler looking down in awe as his mom expertly sucks his cock.

Director: "That's it Lisal, suck your sons cock. Take it deeper I want to see some nasty deep throat"

The director instructs mom to look up at her son and her son to look down at his mom. He tells them to talk nasty to each other. Mom says

Mom: “How’s mommy’s mouth feel baby. Do I suck cock good?”

Son: “Holly shit mom your mouth is awesome!”

Mom: “Good baby enjoy it. No woman can suck a man cock like his mom”

Son” Damn mom this is what I been dreaming of”
Mom is sucking him deep and fast now. You can sense her son is getting close

Son: "Take my cock down your throat mom. Suck it harder!’

Son: “Yeah mom suck it”

Director: "Are you getting close Tyler? You going to cum in your moms mouth"

Son “Yes!” Mom, I’m going to cum. I can’t hold back much longer.”

Mom: “Cum for mommy baby. Cum in mommy’s mouth”

Director: “Push you moms mouth deep on your cock Tyler. Make her take all of you cum in her sexy mouth”

Son: “Fuck I am cumming”

Director: “That’s it. Lisa you have to let him cum in your mouth and keep sucking as he cums"

Her son cums hard in her mouth. She keeps sucking as he shoots the biggest load she has seen in a long time. As she is sucking cum oozes out the sides of her mouth.

Director: “Wow Lisal that was awesome. Why don’t you show us what gift your son gave you today”

With that Mom shows the load remaining in her mouth to the camera.

Director: “Please swallow the cum Lisa”

Mom swallows the remaining load and says:

Mom: ”Mmm... My baby boy’s cum tastes so fucking good.”

Director: “Tyler it is time to return the favor for your mom”

Tyler positions himself as instructed between his Moms legs. He begins to lick her pussy. The Director is again instructing them to interact more.

Director: “Come on Lisal talk dirty to your son”

Mom: ”Come and eat mommy’s pussy, baby.”

Mom: ”Oh shit, baby. You making your mother feel so fucking hot”

Mom: “Oh yes, baby. Stick it in. Stick your tongue in my hole. Tongue-fuck me baby. Tongue-fuck your mother’s cunt. Stick it in all the way.”

Son: “Mom your pussy tastes s good”

Mom: ”Oh fuck Mommy is cumming”

Mom grabs her sons head and pushes it hard against her pussy as she squirts in her sons mouth.

Director: “Awesome job Tyler! You really know how to eat pussy. How was in Lisal”

Mom: “I am ashamed to say this but I never came so hard”
Son: “Thanks Mom. I enjoyed it too”

Director: “Great. You all ready for the ultimate taboo? Are mom and son ready to fuck?

Mom: “I think so”

Son: “At this point I am ready for anything”

The director tells mom to lay on her back and let her son mount her. You can see in her face she is unsure about things. The son climbs on top of his mom and begins to position his cock by her waiting pussy. Her son it seems more comfortable and ready to go until………..

Mom: “Wait. Slow baby. Are you sure about doing this”

Son: “I don’t know mom”

Mom: “This is a big step baby. I mean fucking the pussy you came from is not a little thing”

Son: “Mom I love you and we need to do this for dad”

Director: "Come on Lisa and Tyler I need you to get into this scene. Tyler you know how many guys wish they could be in your position - about to fuck their mom. Ariel fucking your son isn’t as taboo as it once was. So come on guys. Lets go!”

Mom: “Ok baby lets do it. Come and fuck mommy baby!”

Son: "Tell me again, mom. Tell me again want you want,"

Mom: "I want you to fuck me, Tyler. I want to you to fuck the shit out of me”

Son: “I am going to fuck you good mom”

With that the son pushes his cock into his moms pussy. She moans with pleasure. He can not believe how tight her pussy is.

Son: "I'm in, mom. I'm all the way in. My cock is all the way up you pussy"

Mom: "Oh shit. Tyler baby. I can feel it. I can feel your cock so deep. Please do it, son. Please fuck me hard. Make me cum all over your fucking cock."

Mom: "That's it baby fuck mommy good".

Son: "Damn Mom your pussy is so tight".

Mom: "Fuck me! Fuck your hot mother! Do it, son fuck your whore-mom."

Son: "I'm gonna fuck you alright, mom. I'm gonna fuck your hot, wet pussy real good”

Mother and son continue to fuck, changing positions several times. The director keeps pushing them to show more passion and speak more and more dirty to each other. He wants them to talk extremely dirty. As the sexual tension builds mom and son are getting more and more into it. Before long they are true lovers doing and saying whatever the direct wants! In the end mom and son go well beyond the script, taking mom-son love to a whole new level

Finally while fucking doggy style the director remind them of the final scene - some good ass fucking!

Director: “Lisa are you ready for your son to fuck your tight ass”

Mom: “I am not sure. It has been years since I had a cock up m ass”

Son: “What mom dad does not like anal”

Mom: “No baby that’s not his thing”

Son: “Well I love it mom”

Director: “Your son is ready Lisa are you?”

Mom: “I think so but he has to take it slow”

Director: “Talk to each other. Tell each other what you want and need. Tease her Tyler”

Son: "You want me to fuck your ass, mom?"

Mom: "Yes baby"

Son: "You want me to stick my cock in that tight ass of yours, just like I've been doing to your pussy?"

Mom: "Oh God, fuck yesss..."

Son: "Your own son, mom. Are you saying you want your own son, fuck your asshole?”

Mom: "Baby, please..."

Son: "Tell me, mom. Tell me what you want”

Mom: "Yes baby. I do. I want my own son to shove cock up my in my ass”

Son: “Well mom, I don't think you're quite ready for it yet. Your asshole is not quite ready”

Mom: "I don't know what you mean, baby?"

Son: “"Oh, but I think you do, mom. I think if you just think about it for a second, you know what I could do to make sure your ass is ready”

Mom: “Lick it

Son: "Lick what, mom? What do you want me to lick to make your ass ready?"

Mom: "My asshole, Baby I want you to lick my asshole. Stick your tongue in mommy’s ass”

The son pulls his cock out of his mother's pussy. Mom reaches back with both hands while resting her upper body on her head and shoulders, and grabs cheeks in each hand, pulling them wide apart exposing her asshole to he son. Her son moves into position and begins to lick her asshole.

Mom: “Oh baby, that feels so fucking good. Lick my ass."

Son: “Do you like it, mom? Do you like feeling your son's tongue licking your hot juicy ass?
Mom: “Yes baby I love it”

Director: “From what I can tell that ass looks ready. I think its time you fuck mommy’s ass”

Director: “Lisal. You ready to have your sons cock up your ass?”

Mom: “Yes. I need my sons cock up my ass now”

Director: “Tell your little boy what you want”

Mom: ”Please baby. Fuck your mother hard and deep in the ass,"

With that the son gets in position behind his mother and begins to shove his cock up her ass.

Mom: "Please move slowly, baby,”

Son: “Sorry mom”

Mom: “Its Ok baby just take your time going deeper. Just, slowly move your lovely cock in and out to let me get used to feeling it slide around in my ass”

Son: “Fuck mom this feels so awesome”

Mom: "You can go a bit faster and deeper now, baby. You can fuck my ass faster and deeper now."

The son fucks his moms ass with deep and hard now.

Director: “That’s it Tyler pound your mothers ass”

Mom: "Do you love it, baby? Do you love the way your mothers ass feels”

Son: "You know I do, mom, I want to see your face, mom,"

Mom: “Ok baby. I want to see you too.”

Son: “"I want to look you in the eyes when I fuck your ass. I want to see your tits, your pussy and your face."

The change positions now. Mom is on her back as her son positions himself so he can fuck her ass. The son is now fucking his mothers ass in the missionary position. He looks into he eyes as he fucks her.

Mom: "I want you to cum in my ass. I want you to empty your balls inside your mother's ass. Please shoot your load up my ass, Tyler"

Son: "I'm cumming, mom. I'm cumming right up your ass. Here it comes. I'm gonna shoot my load up your ass mom”

Mom: ”Baby... Cum in mommy's ass... Oh God, yeah... I'm cumming... Mommy’s cumming too”

Director: “Fucking yes! That was awesome”

After her son explodes his second big load of cum in his moms hot ass, mom and son embraces in a passionate sexy deep kiss. You hear them express how much they love each other. The director keeps the video rolling. Mom rolls over and lights a cigarette as her son lays his head on her chest. The director asks them how do they feel. Mom answers first, saying that before this day she never imagined she could fuck her own son but after doing it and feeling things she never felt before, she can't imagine any mom not trying at least once to do her older son. She says that some of her friends have talked about how sexy they found their sons and she always thought they were crazy, but now she fully understand what they meant. The son is asked how he feels. He tells the director, that words can not describe how it feels to look down and see you sexy mom sucking your cock or how it feels to have you cock sliding in and out of your own moms pussy. he tells the director it was amazing, especially being with a mom as sexy, warm and sensitive as his.

The rude !!!!! DID I SAY RUDE???

i summer, i love fucking old xxx porn stars the big cans and and a big ole fat round ass. i am traveling to dc for business next tues 23rd till fri 26th. wanted to check on ur availability for evening of 23rd, 24th or 25th. thx

Just a small taste of the spectrum of emails ladies get on a daily basis. And we mange to keep a smile on our faces. As there are some gems in the sand of life.

For ll the great gents I have met. And I cant forget the sexy couples...


Charactor Number Two Post A Hoe

As my last chapter of characters said L my lovely retired duet partner.

We were introduced by Dirt Bag Number One.

One afternoon having lunch with Dirt bag in the Valley of Los Angeles . Dirt Bag ,I and his little son at a local chicken joint. His phone rings. He is trying to be sneaky in his conversion.
I learned later that he met Post A Hoe in the studio (he used to mange a few recording artist).Dirt Bag approached her with hey my girlfriend makes 10g a week and shes in her 40s . (As he used to call me..long in the tooth) hmmm

Post a hoe was interested but he scared her by telling her if he told her to screw 100 guys she needed to. OK the pimp is popping out now. See what greed does to people?

Post a hoe went to Vegas instead to work for Las Vegas Escorts. Where somehow she got involved with anther girl there who happened to also have a pimp. Post a hoe listened to the bull shit promises. YUP she wound up with them til he beat her up several times. She was making more then his wifey so she beat her up. And life was a hellish ordeal . Post a Hoe called Dirt Bag for help.

Dirt bag wasn't sure how to tell me she was driving down from Vegas. All day goes by before he didn't know where he was going to put her up. His hand was forced. When men live a life of lies someday the lies do surface. In this case it was actually a great gift to me not him.

We were at my house watching TV I had just shot some amazing photos in the mountains near my home.And that week I made 10k that week working 5 days. Now this is why I quit training...

Post A hoe arrived late that night at my house. We clicked immediately. Later to Dirt Bags disappointment.We got along better then he could have hoped for.

That night We sat up chatting and getting along together sharing stories.
The next day Post A Hoe and I went together to the lingerie store so We could get her started.
As We bonded the best duet partnership was born.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Booking This Last Tour Has Raised Some Confussion For Some.

I have encountered a few experiences already and I have only just recently given out my retirement date publicly.I would like to clarify some of the questions I keep receiving over and over.

What am I retiring from? Escorting completely.Once I am retired in Dec.31,2012 I am not going to come back out of retirement. I am not going to be available for even my most select and generous benefactors.

Am I retiring from the video productions? NO not entirely. Like I have done for some time. I have not nor will I ever shoot for another company besides my own again ever.
I will as I have done shoot more content for my own sites. including a few new sites I will drop in 2013.

If I miss you on your tour can I book you next time your in town? NO there are 360 days left to my retirement. There are 50 major US cities alone I plan on popping through. And 5 Major Canadian cities I tour. With 54 cities and 360 days and each city with 2-3 days.. Do the math. Sorry fellas as much as I would love to meet you. I can't come back to most cities except my local or major cities I go to often.

Those cities are:
Boston,New York,Pittsburgh,Richmond,Philly,Harrisburg,Fredericksburg,

So If I am in your city now. Now would be the time to book.

What Kind Of Charactors You Will Encounter In 8 Yrs. Of Providing Upscale Adult Entertainment.

I am often asked "How Did You Get Into Adult Movies?" or "What made me decide to go from body building and fitness training full time to Escorting Full Time?"

I am going to open the door of my private live to let you see just what kind of funny,entertaining,mean, nasty, fabulous and even educational individuals I have encountered along this path.

I don't think I ever thought in a million years. I would wind up providing companionship to individuals I meet thought the internet.
After all who does?

I just happen to fall into it by chance,fate or like most typical situations.

I was a full time personal fitness training with a thriving business.When the first character I will introduce you to came along.

I had many porn actresses in my clientele list so when most people would assume it was one of them that would introduce me to the life of escorting. It was not.sadly. I wish it had been.

I always had so many men in my client list. When this smooth talking guy came at me to date me. I was recently divorced. A confident and in shape bodybuilder who was just coming to the end of a relationship with a major league baseball player.To this day I will never have a answer of what the heck was I thinking.

Along came who I will just call Dirt-bag number ONE!. (kinda like client number one)

Good ol Dirt bag! Where do I begin with this Character?
he is definitely a good shit talker. I was a middle class divorced mom and so naive.I used to refer to myself as Rainbow Brite.Dirtbag dated me for about a month or so when he hd so many hotel rendezvous after dinner movies ect..

The problem with ol Dirt Bag was.. Like so many other men. Including the Baseball player. He was married. Dirt Bag managed to get into my head. He introduced me to the "What is Your Fantasy,Let's fulfill them"

Dirt Bag was not completely in shape. But had that bald head and smooth talk. Yeah I fell for him. One evening this guy who owned a motorcycle shop at the time came across as a real smart business man.

I can just say in hind sight. Dirt Bag is a con man. A real bad guy. Do I feel bad ? No I took my lumps. This Dirt Bag introduced me to a great World and a fantastic way to meet new people,make a great income and fulfill many of my own fantasies along with some great couples and men.

Shortly after meeting Dirt Bag Number One in October 2003 I was influenced and guided into the under world of escorting. He is the man behind Summer. I dated Dirt Bag from October 2033 until August 2004 when Dirt Bag was arrested. In retrospect you would think a college educated ,self confident woman would be involved with such a piece of work? I really don't know. The only conclusion wa the thrill,the bad boy stigma definitely existent here.

All along this path with Dirt Bag he was a player,now looking back, a pimp(which is why I detest them more then most people could only imagine.)He had a influence on everyone he came across though. As a President of a motorcycle club in S. California. He had influence and /or fear on most folks he came in contact with.
If I look back now and analyze this man in the best and shortest possible description.I would say he is narcissist,self promoting blow heart.

You only need to be in his presence for a few minutes when he will make sure the conversation is self promoting and plain bragging on what he is ,what he has done and what he is working on. Rainbow Brite was naive to con-men so this seemed like a smart mn in 2003. In 2005 I grew up .

The funny thing about this situation he really is the one responsible for the strong woman I became at the ge of 41. Go figure. He taught be a Street level mentality when it comes to anticipate the people who will later try to use me,rob me or plain ass lie to me.

if there is one lesson I learned from his nightly teachings it would be. Always look at the person who approached you and ask yourself this."What is it they want from me" And Is there anything I am getting from this?"

I know it sounds horrible and a t the time in 2003. My nice sweet personality and naivete attitude it was difficult for me. I grew up eager to please and make people feel nice. As fitness trainer. I was there to get my clients results and be supportive.
So the awkward start to Summer the courtesan had many many bouts of getting hurt,almost drugged by a client and a few other strange encounters.Although this character was a user. A married man who pimped women. I later learned of the Asian girl he also courted from the gym I worked at. And from what I hear . This silly rabbit is still with him. His wife is gone. I am gone.

I can say thanks to him though. I learned a lot. He is the one who suggested I start my own agency back in 2004. I did begin the agency in March 2004. But I didn't run it longer then about 2yrs. It is so difficult to deal with women who do drugs,steal and lie. I am and never left the principle of being honest. I never subscribed to bit and switch like other agencies did. Again this guy always held me back. He wanted to control me. I never understood why he would continue to say not to travel. My innocent desire to listen to him. He acted like a mentor so I never had it in my heart or brain to say apply the things he taught me to things he tells me.

He is someone who went to jail for things I can not discuss. But. It was the best thing to happen to me.

I was lucky enough to meet a bitchin chick who became not only my room mate and my double partner in 2004 due to him.. She met him at the recording studio he was involved with. Some weird guy who was also another street husler conman conned my girl out of money in Vegas. So he tried to pimp L from the beginning. He frightened her at the start. L went off to Vegas and unfortunately was working for what she thought was a agency. Only later did L get pimped and held without her will. She managed to make a phone call to Dirt Bag one afternoon.

L made her way from Vegas to the Valley where I lived. Dirt Bag number one gave me one of the best times and gifts. He introduced me and L.

The next post I will touch on L.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sex Workers Outreach


I am asked the things I am planning on doing more of when I retire.

Please help support my three favorite causes.

Woodhull Alliance
Please feel free to read about the needs of these organizations.Donate and help!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pittsburgh PA Trip Was A Relative Success!

OK so every trip is always a gamble when it comes to meeting folks.
This trip has not been different.

I arrived Monday night with swirling wind and light snow. I do love Pittsburgh but this city is not the easiest city to get a taxi.

late arrival at the hotel forced me to cancel a late night rendezvous because the roads were still not plowed.
So yesterday was a very hectic crazy scheduled day. The no show made me turn down several gents who preferred to meet at noon. That is so annoying.

I am unsure the reasoning behind losers who enjoy wasting a woman's time. It is like this. time= money. I have many woman I know who complain about the same actions. This behavior is so childish.

Let's look at the absolute positive.

I had the pleasure and thrill to meet a few wonderful gents who really do know how to make Pittsburgh memorable.

I will never list the things that occur on a date,but.... wink

Everyone who darkened by door left happy,smiling and drained.... wink wink

But unfortunate to say one dirt bag managed to get through a stringent screening by using somebody else s identity. So my next post will be more for some of the ladies I know who will need the info for their safety.

I know it will also give some of you a glimpse into the lifestyle downfalls behind the sexiness.

There is a guy out there who shows up to meet women in Pittsburgh. Every report is a complete scripted pattern. He definitely has a MO.

If I had only checked his phone number against his id he gave me. I would NOT have been included in his robbing.
He phones me in the afternoon and asked to meet and gives me his info. I verify it and set up a meeting.
He gets to the meeting late by a hr plus to his only defense the weather was a bit screwy yesterday snowing.
after arriving he does his thing just like many women reported . I can't obviously go through all the details but noted . he needed to make a donation to my favorite cause.
I ask him where was the envelope he needed to provide. He ran like the wind.

So of course now I do more research on some of the many other resources at my disposal. Damn is all I can say.

I have been in this industry since 2003. I swear on my life. I have never ever seen a man with more alerts all over the Pittsburgh area as this douche bag.

He is listed as Mike by most as that is the name he supplied me. He is also listed as Johnny by even more women.

Now to his identity. here is the info I have obtained. He is NOT Johnny or MIKE.
his phone number is 412 512 1730. His reports for ripping off women go as far back as 2009. He does the same trick.
He does live in Monroeville PA. and his family names are listed. So for ladies who need his address to collect what he stole.. Do email me.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Retiremnt Tour Begins Here In Pittsburgh!

I will do my best at bringing you all along on my year long tours .
The retirement at the end of the year. And boy this morning has been hectic.

I came from DC to Pittsburgh on the train. I do luv my trains(WINK)
light snow and wind lt night when I arrived 40 mins. late
I needed to call a taxi as the hotel shuttle quits at 10p...boo

I finally get to the hotel after midnight. I needed to cancel a late night rendezvous as it was a quiet night in the hotel ,the roads wr not all cleared. It just seemed to be better to call it a day.

So this morn I am booked solid. All mainly through my INDYS gents and a few Eros friends. (am is running late.. ok A lady is not picking up her vmail or text she states she does prefer. So I can't verify a gents in at timely manner. my 12 noon seems to be a no show no call. And gee...
Is there any questions as to why I am ready to retire from providing. It is getting to be like going to the dentist. I m booking verified gents only and still nonsense.

Atleast in personal fitness industry I am paid in advance. So if you miss your session. I still get paid. NO if no ends no buts.

I don't find it amusing to waste somebody' time.
I prefer to be respectful and considerate. Is it too difficult to make a phone call?

So now where I missed booking somebody in this 12 noon which is a highly sought fter time slot. I am sitting here waiting for my next date...

How many more times will this happen while this year clicks by??? too many so thi will be my only rant.....

Now back to normal sexy chatter.... My morning smash was a smash... lol