Thursday, July 30, 2009

Houston Aug.3-4 Dallas Aug.5-7 touring Texas !

Touring Texas Aug 3-4 and Aug 5-7 .Avail for all bookings and privates. fill out the form completely please.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's That Time Again To Revamp Things!

As We all know many exspences in the adult industry and others has not decreased. travel exspences have actually increased for me.
So for me to keep things in line and still have the ability to entertain and travel. I have stopped the rate decrease I put in place several months ago.

I have always enjoyed entertaining in high upscale locations World Wide. I never thought of decreasing the atmosphere and entertainment value I put into my sessions and events.

I hope all of you understand. I am still in a reasonable rate category for my video and events and such. But as I love what I do. I also must make sure it is a profitable experience for myself for the sacrafice I do experience.

Actually for all y friends in Chicago and Miami I have brought the rates back to other Cities. Unfortuneatly New York travel is still very high. I have attempted to keep the rates moderate with the econemy in mind.

And for those who are members of my website.
My web,aster will be loading many new clips this week. And new stills as well.
And in Septemeber he is revamping the site. So I am so excited.
many more hot scens are being filmed for the site. Things I hope you will enjoy.
may all my friends find this change as a positive move.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Anita Blue Licks My Clit

Yes this little scene is on a list soon to be added to

Shaken Not Stirred!

I know it's has been too long since I showed my naked ass on here. So here is a little clip for all my nasty naughty friends. Hope ya dig it!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hacked And Stolen Passwords?

I am a little pissed this morning. As I am not sure this email was sent to be just to ruffle my feathers. But if it is remotely truthful
. I will hunt these people down like dogs on a fox.
I know alot of my friends and fans know just how long I have worked hard to get exclusive contnent. I have a goal to one day retire but bring other hot MILFS to the public in a few years.
This guy send a email statded that my Website has been hacked and passwords are being sent. So for all my members please be sure to pick passwords not so easy to be guessed.
I have my webmaster looking into this issue. (If it really is one)
Since the adult industry is prone for weirdos, theifs and other scum bags. Trust me. It is not all us performers.
Others like to take the food right off our tables. Sorry to say to hackers. This is how I pay my bills. Amongst the few other little things I do.
I will find you if your ip address is not one of the authorized members. i will take legal action!!!