Monday, May 28, 2012

Dismantling Rude People From Horrible Email Contacts

I took a few days off to calm down and respond to this email I received through my flyingcart store.

He is what I received on Friday May 25th and now on Monday I can respond more class without going ghetto ballistic on him.

From: Darrell Matthews
Bitch when you comming to Chicago so I can get me some summer.

so my response to him and if your reading my blog. GUYS take note. You watch too many hip hop videos to think it is OK to call a woman a BITCH in normal conversation.
I don't think it's mature,funny or otherwise acceptable to do so. If you are one of those kind of guys. I won't refer to you as a gentlemen. You might as well be a swine in my families MIDWEST FARMHOUSE.

to darrellmtthws
First and foremost NEVER DISRESPECT ME!
By referring to  me in any form  such as in email face to face or other forms of communication as BITCH!

I don't know where you learned your manners from but I will not accept this form of low grade manners from anyone.
I have a live in boyfriend who doesn't get the opportunity to call me bitch so I can tell you I won't take it from you or any other man.

2nd off I had been to Chicago and if you truly wanted to meet me on my terms. Too late. I have toured and it was highly promoted tour.

And now on the last portion of your email to me. Only respectful gents even stand a change of some SUMMER. Your low grade attempt at humor or whatever you may call. BITCH when you coming to Chicago. You lost any chance of any further communication with me.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fact or Fiction Blue Waffle Discease ?

My daughter is entering the medical field. The discussion in class regarding STD's were the subject and a unknown to me STD. Blue Waffle disease.
I have also been in the medical field in my past and sex worker for nearly 9 years now.
I have never heard or nor came a crossed this Blue Waffle disease . Honestly I am not sure if it is a Urban Legend Myth. But...

If it is true. I can not imagine anyone having it get this far.

And why they would attribute it to only prostitutes other then prostitutes are always the first to blame for carelessness and filthy hygiene which is almost always false.

But hell I will play along and play devil's advocate on this one.

Let me pose this question. IF BLUE WAFFLE does exist and prostitutes are more prone for it. Wouldn't it make a prostitute want to do lower volume? Wouldn't you as a escort prefer the older ,kinder gentler gents over the guys who just want to bang the hell out of your ovaries?

I am really hoping this is the right wings way of putting fear in some. The old adage of crying fire in a crowded room.
But I do know the facts of women who have their vaginal walls literally fall out. The women and gy men who provide anal way too often  also suffer collapsed walls.

I am concerned with the I will do anything for a buck attitude. The escorts who don't look deeper into their futures when providing the I will do anything included let you drop me on my head.

Blue Waffle???
I sure hope not...

not for the weak hearted.

The State Of Escorting in 2012

I guess I am not too surprised at the way the economic crisis has trickled down to the sex workers industry.

 It seems that those jerks who cried like little babies on a lot of the blogs and escort hobby boards have managed to succeed in some cities. These kinda guys who sat on these boards and though women charge too much. They failed to realize the escorts are taking risks and know their own financial situations.The escort is making sure it is really worth all the inherit risks and get compensated accordingly. The criers on the boards rant how they would drive down the escorts rates.Like a bunch of vultchers they pick and pick til many escorts have decided myself included. A woman in a 9-5 job is now making more money then a escort who works full-time providing companionship to men and couples and some cases ladies. I am not sure what I find more disturbing in the way some women have bowed down to this type of behavior. The number one rule is to know your own situation. A woman willing to risk everything,family and friends disowning you for what you do. Physical harm and STD are still a real threat even with protection. And most of all the serial killers, the men who rob women and those girls never heard or seen of again. None of those risks are worth a few hundred dollars. The same price the consumer of escorts believe is the value of companionship. I can't stress enough. By the time a girl runs ads,pays for clothing,make-up,nail services and hair appointments and for those touring. The air,train car experiences. Lodging lets not forget lodging. A guy will write a bad review if a woman is in a shitty motel or hotel. But if a woman obtains a higher end hotel like most of us do. Even at 300 or 500 avg donation. Girls are barely breaking even on tours. I say what's the purpose to offer discounts? I am currently in Los Angeles and no wonder I haven't been back but once or twice since moving to D.C. If I hear one more time on a particular website board what's on the menu? What the hell is wrong with these women who will oblige and respond to anyone on a board. Rule number two in this industry do not ever discuss date options except face to face. I don't care what 5 or 50 women say about he is safe. In a age of stolen pw hacking . I don't know if you are the guy who was assigned that handle. I am not careless and prefer to turn down 100 dates then to go to jail or go home in a body bag. a few hundred dollars is just not worth it. I can only offer advice to the newer escorts coming into this industry. Those of us who have been doing this quite awhile stay safe all over the World by being in control Bowing down to offer discounts on holidays and jumping for dollars is not a safe and respectful way to treat the gents who will honor your companionship and not ask for discounts. Rule in life in general.... Respect yourself first. Know your not a discount. And everything else in life will follow suite.How can a escort expect others to respect her if she doesn't respect herself? My response to the guys asking what's on the menu. I don't script my dates. The dates are always the same as if I met you in a bar or work environment. I will treat you like a boyfriend or dinner companion. It should never start out with the feeling of a transaction. That is not escorting. That is no better then streetwalkers quickie dates. Which speaking of . I have not been asked for 100 or quickie dates in such a very long time. May I suggest to the girls around the U who are also taking risks of this quickie factory. What will your body be like in 5 years?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Where Do You Think Travel exspences and ad money come from?

The title of this blog is dedicated to the time wasters who either send emails.textessages and or phone escorts with no intent to ever meet. The most A frustrating and annoying factors in the escort lifestyle is the ever so present and possibly growing number of time wasters. If I could ask one and actually get a truthful responce. Where do you think the money comes from to pay for ads,air car or train travel? How about the hotels? A guy says he wishes to meet upscale ladies upscale hotels cost hell even low budget hotels and motels cost. I can go on tour and recieve a huge amount of requests to meet. Blow my pnone up texting me for days. The time comes to meet. The timewasters either cancel with stupid childish excuses. First off. Im not your mother.I don't need excuses. What I need is you not to contact me in the first place. Only men and couples with true intent to book a time on my calendar and actually value my time andy gracious sexy presence. Again this past week numerous texts for daaaaaayyyysss. A fellas with one ref. Blew up my phone. Tried to get the hey wanna go grab a drink. And the folowing day last min. Cancel the date. Al I can say to guys with so little reguard to ladies like myselfis a giant fuck you and your appplogies. I don't want appologies. What I need is understanding. I know it's difficult for a percentage to desypher from reality and fantasy. I provide a service that is a bussiness.It may not seem like one. I pride myself on pamperi gentlemen as to not make it just a transaction When I get texts 4days later after such dissrespectful reguard for my time and money asking to seee. If I available just so you can chit chat ony cell again. Fuck you.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Stolen Photos Stolen Names???

Let me address a issue that came to light yesterday. I was notified to google my name. Stunning Summer. I am so happy i was advised many moons ago to trademark the name. I first began my escort career in 2003/04 as Summer but had the email address since 2004. I have worked very diligently to maintain a positive brand under Stunning Summer. From the beginning of shooting porn films. to the fantastic escort career to the men's magazines. You are guaranteed it has always been me. Until now. I googled my name and poof a older escort in Kansas City MO. has stolen my name. I am sure for more exposure in a small market city. But regardless it is not only theft,unprofessional but down right skanky. I am not piece by piece contacting all the outlets she is advertising under Stunning Summer. I sent her a email and will contact my lawyer this week when I get to L.A this week. If I need to file a trademark infringement lawsuit so be it. But until I can have her ass removed off the internet under my brand. Feel free to contact her and force the issue that she is messing with a force she won't be able to reckon with. The one and Only Stunning Summer.!/kansasctyescort/statuses/175993516722368512

Saturday, May 19, 2012

West Coast And SW Tour.. Last chance to meet me

Currently Touring SW and SO CAL
2012 Last tour to the West Coast except San Fran in Dec. I will end my touring career in San Fran.
book now...