Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Join And.. Get Your copy of Super Soaker for Free!


And recieve a free copy of Stunning Summer's Super Soaker DVD autographed for free.
Join my new site and I will send you a copy of Super Soaker the hot ass interracial squirt flick with all my boys , LT,Prince,John E Depth,Weed and Nathan Threat...
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And As I am on the constant for filming.... So much more to CUM~~~~~
After signing up just email me a and with your info and you receipt from ccbill and I will have your copy in the mail to you.....
I hope you enjoy the scenes as much as I enjoyed making them...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Movie Dollars, AEBN,Movie Monster

Here are the direct links to Stunning Summer movies.
Watch this big booty and big tittie MILF take all that dick and cum. Plus as many know Stunning Summer eats pussy too.

See Super Soaker VOD and yes... It is one of the recent top seller Summer movies.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

OK my nasty perverted and well loved friends.
The second site is about to go live....
Improved site. New pics, videos and will also include a store and my nasty tell all stories.
For those who know me. I am 46 with so many adventures behiund so many more yet to live ahead of me....
I hope everyone enjoys the new site. It has been a work in progress for my webmaster David who is the best. still exsists for those who want general pics and my tour schedule and booking info. And for those members whom have access to it will adjust over to the new site. Your login will work.
I apologize to those fans whom had went a few days withput access to the member site. I hope you will be more then pleased with just how nasty the new site is...

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Stunning Summer Super Soaker Tour Begins.
If your city is not listed on my calendar. You should add yourself to my mailing list.

Mailing List:
And yes is almost completed. By the end of this week or the beginnng of next week two websites from the Stunner ...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yes Fans Who Meet Me Privately can Bring Their Digital

yes a lucky fan... Or maybe I was the lucky one. Met me in lovely Miami.
And It was compared to
OMG!!! So much fun. Sorry I can't put the face up but here are the ones I can post

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pretty feet/ Foot Fetish

So many ask do I have nice feet?
Well yes I think I do.....
I will leave it up to you...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Some new pictures to wet your whistle

OK I hAVE dentist in MD whjo also a a good amature photog. he has a realy good portfolio I must say. I am currently getting a few more hottoies to shoot for him...OH Dave your so talented and SWEET TOO!!!

Sometimes a shoot realy doensn't have to take all day...I am so impressed. Three outfits and this was shot on his linch time break....
less then 80 mins...from start to finish...And wait till he plays with some of the images..He loves photshop..yes boys these are untouched...

Stunning is in the final stages. yes it is almost completed.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Stunning Summer Touched Down In Miami/West Palm Beach

Yes...I so love the wonderful men and women of Miami...I will be there May 7th to the 12. Except one day May 10th in West Palm Beach... oh goodie
I love the warm weather ,hot bodies of Floridians.....
I have a opurtunity to chill with one of my favorite friends in Miami. Shane Diesel. I am hoping to shoot with him again..
BTW did you see the scenes We shot with Cameron Love????HOTTTT HOTT HOTT!!!!
I would love to repeat that alone with the Diesel......
He is not only hot but so damn sweet. A true gentleman....
I am excepting private dates with fans in both citoes. Hit my website
I would love to party in S. Florida with my fans. And yes I will be hanging out at the Miami Exxxotica!!!See you there..