Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cum Check Out My AEBN custum Theater!

You dirty little devils!
Cum check out Stunning Summer getting dicked down and licked up by some of the hottest chicks and big dicks in the industry!
Also don't forget to check out my personal website.New things ahead for the site. Some new business ventures to add new full scenes to the site. Some contests are ahead.

For a direct link to AEBN hit the button on for checking out my movies theater 050493also join my yahoogroups for up to date Summer fan info. for mailing list.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

OK Kids.. Do You want to Speak To The One And Only Summer?

To speak directly to Stunning Summer .
Naughty chat ? Oh I would love to speak directly with so many of my dirty minded fans.
Call me 800-TO-FLIRT ext 03-01353-5
We can talk about anything.
I would love to meet you up close,but when the long distances from my city and your makes that impossible.
Here is a way I can still make your hot and me a little creamy!
Call me now. I am Available for arranged calls too!
Visit and sign up for a three min. free chat now!

And don't miss out cumming soon will be hosting my online store to purchase VDS and items worn or used in my videos.
And so much more!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

NOV 6th 2009 House Of Cleopatra Reality Show Launch Party




CALL (818) 497 3709

For HARD COPY TICKETS and event information, contact Cleopatra directly:

(818) 497 3709
General Admission $30 ($100 free gift bag upon entry)
VIP $100 ($200 free gift bag upon entry plus 2 free drink tickets)

Held Nov 6th 2009

Anything Goes Toga Party of the year!!

This event is celebrating the launch of Cleopatra of the Nile's reality show featuring many different celebrities from the entire entertainment industry.
There are several stars who are scheduled to be there at the event to walk the red carpet and support Cleopatra’s chosen charity beneficiary:
DIEGO ANTOLINI – Italy’s biggest rising star from “Iron Knight” is coming to the US to debut a brand new movie and walk the red carpet as Cleopatra’s “Mark Antony” for the evening. Cleopatra has signed a deal to appear in a major motion picture with Antolini in 2010.
Brittanya: VH1's breakout reality star, DJ Lady Tribe: VH1's Rock of Love; Barry Rattcliffe: Nash Bridges and Nip Tuck; Adam Richmond: "Last Comic Standing"; To name a few.
More fabulous stars:
Nikki B: Supermodel; Shelley MIchelle: Body Double to the stars; Music Sensations: Dayda Bass; Leyva; Sharazad: Tenaj; All Destroyed Momentarily to name a few.
Other stars: La Cholita, Sincity Sensations: Lauralie and Juliette;
Wrestlers and title holders: Lenny Porterfield, Ben Maughan, Vic D Vine and others.

Special performance by Maria Amor: Exotifit Fitness Diva
Heinous Apparel and models for run way shows.

Free Giveaways and prizes for best dressed toga.

This is a charity event. A Portion of the proceeds received by House of Cleopatra will be donated to her Cleopatra’s favourite charity. Please contact Cleopatra directly for more information about the charity beneficiary.


No caps, hats, bandanas, stocking caps, beanies, No Urban wear, No athletic wear, no sneakers, flip flops, sandals, no baggy shorts, no baggy pants, no baggy shirts, no aggressive behaviour and no patrons that are intoxicated will be allowed entry.

Please make sure you include the following with your payment:
Mailing Address:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Number and type of tickets purchased


Welcome to House of Cleopatra!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Back IN Los Angeles Shooting!

I love the new pics shot with Lemazing and Eric Garcia.
Here are a few wonderful pics from the shoot. And also a fabulous scene shot by Eric a shared content shoot with Scott Lyons.
Lynn Le Mazing the legend of Adult video producer and all round wonderful lady hosted in her production studio.
A great boy girl older milf younger guy .

Yes Scott had showed up on scene with his lovely girlfriend. Sorry to say I didn't get her name. But check out the peep shot.So check out this fabulous series of shots too....
Yes my job is hard....
Great fun . I will be collaborating with LeMazing again in the future for many more projects.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nite Flirt

O.K kids. I do have a account on Nite Flirt so fans can either speak to me directly. Talk sport, talk politics or even better. We can talk dirty. Ask me anything about my XXX experiences. Or your own personal fantasies.
But as Nite Flirt seems to be undergoing some changes. You will need to go to Niteflirt.dcom then look under StunningSummer.
Sorry for any inconvienence.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Back In Los Angeles Kiddies

Yes I am back in my home city.
I missed the family,the sunshine and all my naughty friends here.
I know I have recieved so many emails and texts to cum home...Ha HA

I did bring my phattttt ass back to town. So if in LA OC or Diego baby call me.

My number is the same My website is the same. And since I left last year my Super Soaker is doing good. Howmovies or direct mail from me.
And is up and running with new content every few weeks.

be sure to email me for any private time. And let me klnow your one of Stunning Summer soldiers...mmmmwwaaahhh!

The Loss Of One Of New York's Sweetest Men In Porn

My heart is saddened by a sudden loss to a friend and fellow porn hustler.
Big Dee of New York has left this world to reign happiness in another.
he leaves behind his beautiful SlutMoMo and a host of many talented adult industry friends. ALL OF US WILL MISS HIM.
There is very few who can claim to be genuine in any business. In the adult industry. It is even harder.
When you come along and work with one of the most genuines men. You are so overly happy.
Dee was not only fabulous to work with. Momo is the sweetest woman I know.(Her foot rubs are unfortable)
I will miss his weekly follow fridays on Twitter. And I am so sad to say. I was attempting to film with him on my next visit to New York. So for those of you who put things off. you may never get that oppertunity but once.
I was in NY briefly in Aug. but had other things to handle. I wasn't in the city that long. So I told him next trip. We would shoot.
I will never get that chance again.
But a fond and funny memory to share with my porn friends.
Dee shot my scenes with Slut Momo and PBoogie in May of this year. And We had such a blast.
Somewhere on his twitter is his big bald head next to my giant phatt ass. It was funny.
As We were shooting PBoogie taking all this coochie . My world famous long toungue decided to toss sald.(I didn't know nor did I ask PBoogie is that ok)
The look on Dee's face then the shocked look on P's face.
Out came the giggles and enormous laughs. I found out P never really had his salad tossed before. or atleast on cam....
For those fans who love my work will love those scenes I was so glad to have shot in New York. I am only sad to lnow the last scene to do never happened.

In the big sky above there is a real man behind the camera that loved his MoMo so much you could feel it in the room with them.
I can only wish to find someone like that oneday.
RIP Big Dee
And to Miss MoMo my heart and my admiration for you grows everyday!
A link to Dee's memorial page.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Realy Get Annoyed At Some Advertisers At Times

Man if I had a website I was attempting to gain publicity for. I would first make sure if I set a criteria. I would double check a website of the potential banner exchange site before sending out this.


Your link:

that was submitted on 2009-08-25 has been rejected
for one of the following reasons:

1.No Avenue-X banner on your site.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Links Manager

So first off Links Manger should follow these simple practice to recieve over 10 thousand hits just my me. Per week
Look at the fucking banner has been there for over a year.
So I guess my money is not green enough. My fabulous fans and follwers are not good enough. And I suppose all my movie credits and years of adult entertainment is not what they are looking for for their site.
But here is the principle of matters.
I would not ponder this any further.
I do not think I would want my websites and my name attached to unprofessional people. If they do not know how to navigate a website to see that they were i said was on my front page. Now I will contact them and my webmaster. Poof they are gonna be off my website.Just that simple.
Ave x you just got XED

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hair done by GQ Rick Of Maxines in Chicago

Be sure if in Chicago to pay Rick of Maxine's a visit.
He is the fabulous hair designer working on my shoot with Anre.

Chicago Stills Shot With The Ever So Talented Anre of LayDown Entertainment

I went to Chicago with so much aticipation. I knew Anre would do a fabulous job .But even like so many others. I can not belive the magic is in his make-up brushes.

And look at this fabulous photo shots!!
make sure you keep an eye out on as on my next trip to Chicago. I am looking foward to making the very first interacial scene with Laydown. Anre has some of the most handsome young studs with long swords. I can taste it already!

Monday, August 17, 2009

My Tour So Far

I have been on the sidelines of a Eagles pre season game. I have connected with many hot friends after to party with some of the boys in the club.
i have met a few new friends in Philly. Thanks to the City Of Brotherly Love for showing me some.

I have just completed two days in New York. I love the Big Apple.I ate,played and chilled with some very hot guys. but to culminate my stay. I did a great radio interview with Mr. Goodbar for his radio pod show.

I took a big bite out of the bar.. keep an eye out on the details.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Stunning Summer;s Super Soaker Tour

Cuming to a city Ner you soon.

The Super Soaker Tour Continues


Thursday, August 6, 2009

So Texas has been so wonderful

Ok boys with boots and
yall been so very hot nasty and naughty. I love it!

The weather has been humid ,hot and sticky...Almost like my pussy!!!!!
I loved my stay in Houston . I am so glad to meet those of you who gave me the big O in H-Town. I avoided all those Bar-B-Ques this trip as I am attempting to stick to my plan on getting back on a compition stage next year.

I am now in Dallas. Wheeew!!! Thanks to the boys in the big D. I am having such a great time.
Everyone from the bartenders to the girls at my hotel frond desk. Thanks for a great big Texas Welcome.
I was swimming in the hotel polol today. I am now sure I know how fish at Sea World feel.
yes the hotel staff made it very obvious. Yes they were checking me out. stares become stares. Be less conspickuous.

I am so happy to have had a pleasurable time. I look foward to returning.
For my poeple in Miami and Phillie and NYC.
I am headed in your direction like a thinder storm here in Dallas last night.
battan down the hatches...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Houston Aug.3-4 Dallas Aug.5-7 touring Texas !

Touring Texas Aug 3-4 and Aug 5-7 .Avail for all bookings and privates. fill out the form completely please.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's That Time Again To Revamp Things!

As We all know many exspences in the adult industry and others has not decreased. travel exspences have actually increased for me.
So for me to keep things in line and still have the ability to entertain and travel. I have stopped the rate decrease I put in place several months ago.

I have always enjoyed entertaining in high upscale locations World Wide. I never thought of decreasing the atmosphere and entertainment value I put into my sessions and events.

I hope all of you understand. I am still in a reasonable rate category for my video and events and such. But as I love what I do. I also must make sure it is a profitable experience for myself for the sacrafice I do experience.

Actually for all y friends in Chicago and Miami I have brought the rates back to other Cities. Unfortuneatly New York travel is still very high. I have attempted to keep the rates moderate with the econemy in mind.

And for those who are members of my website.
My web,aster will be loading many new clips this week. And new stills as well.
And in Septemeber he is revamping the site. So I am so excited.
many more hot scens are being filmed for the site. Things I hope you will enjoy.
may all my friends find this change as a positive move.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Anita Blue Licks My Clit

Yes this little scene is on a list soon to be added to

Shaken Not Stirred!

I know it's has been too long since I showed my naked ass on here. So here is a little clip for all my nasty naughty friends. Hope ya dig it!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hacked And Stolen Passwords?

I am a little pissed this morning. As I am not sure this email was sent to be just to ruffle my feathers. But if it is remotely truthful
. I will hunt these people down like dogs on a fox.
I know alot of my friends and fans know just how long I have worked hard to get exclusive contnent. I have a goal to one day retire but bring other hot MILFS to the public in a few years.
This guy send a email statded that my Website has been hacked and passwords are being sent. So for all my members please be sure to pick passwords not so easy to be guessed.
I have my webmaster looking into this issue. (If it really is one)
Since the adult industry is prone for weirdos, theifs and other scum bags. Trust me. It is not all us performers.
Others like to take the food right off our tables. Sorry to say to hackers. This is how I pay my bills. Amongst the few other little things I do.
I will find you if your ip address is not one of the authorized members. i will take legal action!!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

AEBN Hot Movies Cum Check Me Out

If you haven't seen any of my nasty work cum check it out! And then cum join my new website
If you want to see me on tour,Main

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Shoots Pics

O.K folks here are some realy bhot photos from my shoot with Rico Shades.
We shot last week in Los Angeles while i attended LA EROTICA.
I have had a great time fucking the hell out of Rico. Or should I say the other way around?
damn good times. As well as one of my most favorite hired dicks in porn .Ethan Hunt shot cam and stills.
For more then this sneek peek. Please go to

have fun enjoy.

Interesting Things Are Brought To My Attention!

So many people are reading my blogs.
So for those who have hateful remarks from other sites. Hate is what success is built on. For the very few who have shit to say. You have way too much time on your hands. Or your cock in your hands.
I make a very comfortable living . And you????
I am sure ypu get up every morning drag your tired ass. and most likely as fat ass mine. To a job you hate. Jump in a car and head to work for somebody else.
While I am laying in bed. Tucked in sleeping well. In a bank account just as full.
I meet fans and other lovely men face to face. I have dated many baseball and NFL players for most of my life. So..
Your a small percentage of a population. So to this I only offer you this one tidbit of advise.
If you have something to say. Call me ditrectly!!! Send me your naked pics!!!
Let me judge ! Let me see if your a fat pig or fuckable....
I am just interested. I k ow I pay my bills and make 6 figure income. And yes You can measure my thighs my the money I make every day. How about you???

Sunday, June 21, 2009

If You Are in a city I travel or IN DC/MD?NOVA?

Cum by and visit with me Stunning Summer privately. Or for event booking.
I am available for all types of video private collections too!
visit me at

Saturday, June 13, 2009


OK folks first day or should I say night.
Here are a few of the pics of me and my industry friends and yes even a fan. I will post tomorrow as well. Sat. at the shows are always more fun. More folks are in.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Newest Photo Shoot on New jersey with Anton. A very talented photographer who shoots for Gent magazine and few other big tittie mags...
Hope you all enjoy... Yes I am a little York has been too good to me this week.....
Anyone have a treadmill???