Thursday, October 18, 2012

Porn Stars And Sex Workers Are Not Sub -Human!

In today's internet technology access to a variety of adult entertainment is at your fingertips.
It seems all to familiar with most of us involved in both the sex industry and adult video,web cam phone sex chat lines the unfortunate down side.
If you have never woke up to a not so admiring public. We have.Imigine if you will how well your day would be like  based on your checking your voice mail before your morning coffee only to find insults,name calling.
Can you imigine the thick skin all adult shooters and sex workers must endure just to make a living .
It is the down side and one would hope the trade off would be to atleast the happy friendsly voicemails and emails out weight the bad.

It is 2012 and most technologies allow one to research who is calling or leaving these horrific messages.I understand most are bld because they believe they are the only ones with capability o hunt us down like prey.

I am all too aware some men may not find me attractive or their type. I do not have fault with that. I have a issue with somebody whose life is so pathetic he needs to take time out of his meaningless existence to write somebody he does not know. He can text message me on a number meant for booking arrangements to send me a video. I understand the guys seeking attention.

If I continue to receive emails such as the ones I receive. I really wont answer emails from fans anymore either.
I get a text message today from one who felt compelled to send a tube site hosting stolen scene from my work.So what is your point stop texting. I am never surprised ,just sick to death of hey did you feel that? You seemed kinda loose.
All I can tell the individuals who are just like this fucknut is this. Grow the fuck up and try to live a better and happier live. I can't please you nor do I wish to. Nobody can. You are a sad worthless n good individual and wish to take it out on me and the rest of us sex workers .

I have decided to retire one month early to avoid any more of these bullshit emails and text messages and voice mails.
I like most everyone is entitled to a positive day. beginning with a smile on my face not pissed off from some jackwagon.

I have had to thicken my skin and I do not wish to live the rest of my life dealing with this garbage. I do not deserve it nor does my family and those around me.
November 30 is my final day of providing. My cell will no longer exist.
If you feel the desire to humiliate somebody  why don't you begin in your own mirror!!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Why Do Men Feel Compelled To Waste Time?

The one thing nobody in the adult entertainment business can ever come to grips with or understand why.

Why do men feel compelled to call or email to set a date without checking all the info on her website?
Why do men not pay attention when the visiting ad was placed?
Why are men calling and asking on the phone HOW MUCH?
Why do men ask to chit chat longer then a short time to get acquainted?
Why are men so emphatic that the review or the ad(which some are not placed by the girl but the website stole your a from someplace else) states a lower rate then your website?
Why book a date only to cancel in a matter of a hour or to before meeting?
Why email requesting a date within a short period of time?

Why do men not use their big head ?
If you are shopping just simply check the sites donation page before the pictures!!!
If you do not have money to hobby,do not call,do not email.
There are alternatives to your desire to call or see a girl for free without wasting my time and the rest of the ladies in the industry.
Most web cam sites offer free cam, free porn (beware of virus on your computer after), get a dvd and jerk off without looking stupid and getting black listed for your shitty behavior.

One huge reason many women are leaving this business in droves are any of the actions listed above.
We can either work a 9-5 job or sit around with toes in air  praying some guy is not going to waste our time.

I do not get paid to answer your emails,calls or for your cancellations.
I do not sit at home  waiting with my hair done,my make up applied and in sexy lingerie.

I am in the gym,shopping,running errands. And yes possibly on the phone speaking to my family.

I have a life too. I respect the men who do understand there is other things going on in my life. I realize so do the men who call and sometimes cancel.
But if you book and within 24 hours of booking cancel before the date.
I believe by the behavior of most men. They cancel because they didn't realize the rates were not in their budget.
I have endured many more of the above recently And I am just about to say fuck it. I am one day of frustration away of saying November retirement.

Enough is enough. When the bad outweighs the good. It is time to pull the plug.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What is the Status Of My Retirement!

I am often asked when I am returning to Boston,Chicago,New York and Philly.

I have now found the correct circumstances for my full time retirement from the escorting community. I can regretfully say unless it is within the next few weeks with a fly me to you. I regretfully must say no last tour.

I will still be available on a full time basis in October here n DC. In November part time status only.December I will be available through the first few weeks and then I will be fully retired with my number shut off.

M email has always been the same and still available for my provider friends to request client verification until June 2013.
I am looking forward to moving in a different direction in 2013. But Yes I will plan on shooting more content for my website.

My Old Partner And Room Mate Used To Laugh!

I understand that many men get the urge and wish to have immediate satisfaction .But the issue is I would hope  that most people men and women do not go in without doing their research.

I screen for a reason. I am not looking to be harmed in any fashion.But chemistry as well. I learned a very long time ago not every date requested is worth the time for both parties.

We used to nick name ourselves Prop a hoe and Post a hoe. Men contacting you and requesting last minute dates.
It is not feasible to ask let alone expect a woman to be in a proper appearance and grooming in less then a hours request.

I do not sit at home  waiting for the phone to ring . I do not shave first thing in the morning before I go to the gym. I do not wear make up all day every day. So for those who ask for quick availability even if we have met. I need preferably 2 hours  notice.

I don't really want to be seen in less then stellar apperence and represent my self and my brand in the most posative and attractive manner.

And when you visit ads that say available now. That doesn't mean come on over. It mean I am available to be reached. If your a gent and the lady doesn't screen you. Ask yourself why?  If she is available within a hour WHY?
Hygiene must not be something your too concerned about...  One sentence.You get what you bargain for and then some..

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weighing In On The Zumba Instructor Scandle

Here We go again!
Can you believe it? 2012 We are still debating this same old tired issue regarding adult activities.

Alexis  the 29 year old mother and Zumba instructor in Kenebunk Maine accused of providing more then just Zumba dance lessons to gentlemen throughout the North East.

Let me state again my stance on this subject. Americans are too busy worried about others lives and not busy enough living their own.

I do not know this woman I don't know who is on that client list. I do know this lifestyle.
Some ca call it a crime . Some presume that all women choosing to live in this lifestyle is being taken advantage of or enslaved to a life of sex work and exploited.
I am positive at 29 her eyes were wide open. It does sound by the numerous accounts that she was being exploited.
I can only guess and make assumptions by what I know by years of experience and the people who I have known in this lifestyle what most likely occurred.

My perception is the old guy Mark Sands seems to be a guy who was most likely a client turned business partner. So many men begin to analyze the amount of money that a young woman can make.

 Let's be honest here Alexis is a smoking hot woman.I can definitely say I have had men ask me to be a business partner over the years as well as seen it happen in the hobby.
I guess I can say she made her decision to do what she did for her own reasons. Do I think she is a horrible women for it? NO!Do I think she should be  convicted of a crime? NO!
Do I think that some of the things she did to harm her clientele? Absolutely! How stupid could she have been! What was she thinking? I can not even imagine.

I am not sure is this Mark Sands talked her through this with his own perverted agenda. But I will tell you . Nobody does anything without a agenda. I can assume Alexis  most likely was convinced that her trade off with this older guy would be her financed her studio for her legit Zumba fitness  in exchange for the partner split on the  dirty deeds business.

The unfortunate victims are the clients. I know that public opinion will concur on their own that these 150 men are not victims for what they partaken in. I disagree.
I am concerned the reasoning behind her filming her gentlemen callers without their permission was not only a violation of their trust. It was also a violation of their privacy. I feel on a larger scale she broke the unwritten rule of this lifestyle. This was to be a discreet under the radar transaction between two adults.
How do I feel these gentlemen are victims you ask? Easy for hundred of years the idea of hiring a provider to fulfill a desire to be adored by a beautiful woman without extra drams not  only was broken. It was tromped on.

Some will dissect her behavior under the media scrutiny. I personally will not judge her as I am sure some of the things I have done in the last 9 years are not for the average women either. What I will do is be disappointed that yet another new girl with high hopes for money and success let common sense  and reasoning go out the window.

Now what happens after this case goes to court and the numerous agencies try to burn her at the stake with media outlets holding the flaming torch.

Alexis did not consider what she did when she uploading or streamed live with the gentlemen . If they did not know that they wer being filmed. It means they had not signed FED 2257 model release forms.
In accordance with the U.S Federal Laws in regards to make sure things like this along with underage performers are not taken advantage of.She either  provided fake 2257s or some of these guys knew they were being filmed.
I am concerned that the Justice Department with now crack down on live streaming sites more. I am not sure maybe they should who knows how many more silly girls and guys are now live streaming unsuspecting partners.
I would hope she is the only one. But.. then again I have been in this for so long. I could probably be my entire set of teeth there is more.

I can only hope that instead of making fun of her (trust me even I have had a few jokes). We learn from her stupidity and most likely her vulnerability.

I could only wish that sex work was legal in this Country in the 21 Century. I hope that before anyone who is not familiar with sex work will not stand in judgement of her but understand that she only made two major mistakes. Here IRS issues will be her bigger issue unless she still paid income tax on that money. But then they will get her for money laundry.The 2nd thing she did wrong. video taping her clients.

How many men are shaking in their boots wondering if the women they seek will keep their info. Track their clients or even forbid video them without their knowledge?

I believe it will be another few months before the dust settles in this fiasco .

Is it not time to stop wasting tax payers money chasing adult activities? Let's spend more time on the child molesters wall street crooks and murders. And yes child traffickers.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Spoiling The Stunner Who has Given You SO Many Happy Endings!

I have always enjoyed the pleasure of meeting my fans up close and personal.
I enjoy reading your sexy emails and letters.
I always accept wonderful tokens of appreciation from my sexy gentlemen callers. I have always been asked by gents who can not visit me but want to send me a gift.
So here it is darlings.
I have created a wishlist on Amazon just to make it simple.

Although my website has the things I love the most.
I have included things I do enjoy and need for my continued filming for my site as well as my fitness passion.