Monday, February 28, 2011

Legal Adult Activities Slated For Criminalizing in Neveda

As many of you know . Yes I have been a Bunny Babe. I adore dennis Hof . He is a real business man and unlike the movie image. Not a pimp. He has mentored many women along the way. Me included on how to make the best oppertunities available and enjoy onesself.

Brooke Taylor: Senator Reid is misinformed on his wish to outlaw brothels.

As many of you may, or may not be aware, Nevada Senator Harry Reid has declared it’s time to outlaw prostitution in our state. However, what Senator Reid failed to acknowledge during his ‘Crusade against Courtesans’ is that prostitution is already outlawed in this state. Well, at least illegal prostitution has been. He also failed to acknowledge the fact that even though prostitution is outlawed in the larger counties of Nevada, it STILL exists in them. No, Las Vegas does not have brothels. But what they do have is tens of thousands of ladies, some against their will, some underage & far from home, working the streets & casinos day in, day search of their next client. They also have thousands of pimps beating those girls, stealing their money, drugging them to keep them submissive. And if that wasn’t enough, Vegas has hundreds of women who have been arrested that have tested POSITIVE for HIV; that’s hundreds of women working the streets of our country spreading this disease. I guess what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas after all.

Now take a look at what Senator Reid wants to outlaw: LPIN, Legalized Prostitution in Nevada. Our local Cathouses, rural Nevada’s historical brothels. For over 40 years, Senator Reid has been in office without any complaints regarding LPIN. Why would he complain? Unlike Las Vegas, LPIN has a 100% clean record regarding HIV, no lady in a brothel has been trafficked to work there, everyone’s of legal age & consent, we are a regulated & tax paying business. What could possibly be so wrong with this?! I’ll tell you what is wrong...NOTHING. And Senator Reid himself, for many years has shared this opinion with me, which is why I (regretfully) voted for him.

Now suddenly, Reid feels LPIN is what is holding Nevada back. Yes, that’s right; whorehouses are the reason new businesses are not coming to Nevada. Not the lack of educated workers or infrastructure as the Northern Nevada Development Authority has pointed out. No, it’s us, with our high heels and shiny lip-gloss, doing Nevada in, one client at a time. Come on now, how much damage can I really do lying on my back?

So why is Senator Reid going after brothels now? He knows exactly what we know, sex sells.

He knew once he pointed the finger at us, that’s where the attention would go. However, the Senator should know, when you point one finger away from you, there are three more pointing back at ya. Plain & simple, Senator Reid did not have the courage to face his constituents regarding his impotencies in office. Reid did not want to address the fact he has no real solution for this state having the highest unemployment rate in the country. Unless you consider taking a viable business away from your community for a hypothetical one a solution. I, myself, certainly don’t find that to be “innovative”, as he suggested it was. And while Senator Reid spoke on the poor state of education in Nevada, he never clearly defined his solution to said issue. I would think if the Development Authority were citing “uneducated workers” as the number one reason businesses aren’t moving to this state, then education would’ve been where he focused his problem-solving skills. For example, where’s the solution to our Universities going bankrupt? But what would I know; I’m just a prostitute. It’s not like I’m a voter...oh wait, yes, I am.

And I must ask, if Senator Reid wanted to keep the brothels away from the children of Nevada, why did he choose the day in which children are invited to assembly to have, what he called, an “adult conversation”? So who’s really putting brothels in the face of Nevada’s children?

And unfortunately, while Reid may have deflected the true problems in this state, they still exist. Except now, he’s made us his problem. I will lie down for a lot of things, but Senator Reid is not one of them. I will not sit back and allow my elected Senator to make a criminal out of me.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sexual Freedoms Swinger Lifestyle Porn Jobs

I am often asked a lot of questions by fans. How did I get started in the porn business?
I am going to finally explain before my book (which I am writing)goes out.

I was a personal trainer and a swing lifestyle participate. I am not shy about m sexual appetite.
I once dated a married guy whom was a porn addict and participated in the Hobey. He may never admit he was a client of known Escorts.

He introduced me to the business end of my sexual appetite and still make money from it. Hell so many men paid to personal train with me to peek my short shorts.
There wasn't much of a difference.

He introduced me to several porn stars and showed me the escort ads.
So in 2003 I took the plunge in.
I became escort in 2003 and since then. I have made a lucrative business from my adventurous lifestyle.

I learned early on to protect my family and the men in my private life.
The Summer men met with in 2003 is not the real woman my family and the men I have dated in my real life.
I do the very best to give porn fans a peek in . Only so you guys know and understand. We are not throw away ladies. Most of us do not have drug habits. We have husbands,boyfriends and real families.
I am often bombarded with requests to meet me. The exception is. Some guys think We are open to dating porn fans.

I need to stress to my fans. I do love and adore you. But, I am not available to meet. Unless you book Stunning Summer.

I drew a line back in 2003. I date men for money . My companionship is what I offer. I have been lucky to be taken to dinners,trips and such. In return for some really great times. I am compensated for my time.

I do date a man. One who met me from porn shoot. But not as Summer. He met the real me.

I do partake in swinger events from time to time. I am still very much a sexually person. The difference between my partner needs to be open minded in my adult porn shoots and escorting other men.

I also love to see my partner get his fantasies fulfilled.
I think sometimes porn fans forget because we live a scene out on video. Some fans think that is us 24/7. I am not that scene presence all the time.

I do enjoy sex. I love to make men smile. Among many other things.
If I am going to fulfill hundreds of other men's fantasy. I first need to handle my business at home. The man who is always on the back burner to my biz. At times I need to be treated like my clientele.I need to pamper his sexual desires.

The swinger lifestyle allows both of us to have a great time without limitations. No cheating no creeping behind the others back. I do enjoy a girl girl boy three some.On the personal level. I do enjoy my guys face as a women is dining on me while he is banging her.
If I offer my fans this fantasy. Why do some of my fans think the man I date in my personal life shouldn't be allotted the same fantasy?

I know so many guys think we are home alone if not shooting.
I escort. I have for many years. I enjoy it.

I am not at any time in the mental need to date somebody without being compensated for my time.I have it all. My family is indeed intact.A man at home who cares and love me. And a client bae that apprciates me. Who could ask for more?

I am very happy in my life.I have lived out pretty much every fantasy I have ever had.
I was married for over 18 yrs and raised my kids. I am not in need of any other fulfillment.
So If I were to spend time with my gentlemen friends. It is still a fun time I enjoy completely.

It is best to say. I get a great date and pay my bills.
The man who chooses to take me to dinner (not the one in my life( would be for fun and finical agreement.I am in the companionship business.
I have no reason to feel the need to go out with somebody elsewithout the financial agreement in place.

I am fulfilled in my life.
Both in my private life and my higher profile public life.

The bottom line Swingers enjoy a sexual experience with no strings attached.
Porn performers enjoy sexual experience with alot of strangers.We never get to pick out most of the time. It is for financial reasons.
Escorts are picked from a line up and for financial agreement.

So as my life takes on many aspects.
My private life is not any of these. Swing allows my significant other and I to share the same things porn fans and the couples I see escorting have.We get a moment to live a fantasy out.

All of us porn performers and escorts have outside life's and fancy getting the opportunity to pick out our sex partners too!.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stunning Summer's Calandar

I have not removed my calandar from my website It is still available by clicking on traveled exclusively . In the intro page of the escort site.

You will see a feww changes on the website. I have included BDSM only rates.
I am always recieving true slaves requests from gents who prefer the fetish World experiences.
I am a accomadting courtesean. But as many know. I do dabble in the light fetish BDSM world.
I am a True Brat Fem Dom. I am always in control of any situation. I hope to have many men pleased. By either GFE or Fetish session.

You will also see that the Calandar page was replaced by the Fan Wall.
I wanted to keep the gents identity secret as it should be. I did post a few kind words from my many admirors and gents. I know from the many years of providing a exception companionship to sexy friendly men.Some men get so exciting after meeting . I still correspond years later.
I am also pleased to share the new fan letters from my amature site Southern Charms Page.
It brightens the day.
As many know. we do recieve so many negative calss or emails from childish type. Mainly from people who have no sunshine in their lives. So the fan emails are so positive. It does brighten ones day.
If your compelled to share a note. Feel free to add your comments or join my yahoo groups.


Hi people. I recieve so many kind emails and facebook messages. I decided to share a few with you.
If you wish to post a nice notice on my fn wall be sure to drop me a line. I love and adore all my admirors and friends.
I hope to respond to as many emails daily as possible. xoxo

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T.T Boy and Evasive Angles! The Folks Who Put My Name On The Map!

5 hours of video!
The producers who put me on the map.
Interracial,anal,cream pie,facials! I have done it all for T.T boys procustions.
I love my fans and try to give you my all. That includes all my cream filled wholes by huge cock.

Everyone from Charlie Mac to new comer AVN nominated J Strokes. 2007 most downloaded movie of 2007 I fuscked You and Yo Momma.

Yes kids! Thats Me!

Me sure to see what the fuss is all about.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Virginia Southern Charms StunningSummerXXX Shoot

Stills. I hope you enjoy my 40s look in these new pics.