Friday, April 15, 2011

Update on Stunning Summer

As many of you fellas know. I have provided as a escort for many years. I first began in the industry back in 2004.
I have most certainly met with so many wonderful gents along the way. I have seen this business take many turns. Some good,some not so good.

I have always attempted to portray Summer in a positive light.A sexy ,classy and mature lady of elegance and style.
I adore meeting new friends but like professional athletes. Courtesans are here not only to enjoy gentlemen but to gain monetary compensation for the high risks all of us take.

Due to the economic situation World Wide. I have spent the past several months contemplating what my next move should be.
I have never chosen to be a high volume provider. I prefer to provide gents the ultimate courtesan experience.
Unfortunately many beautiful women who have entered into this industry have chosen their paths to price such intimate experiences as a common run of the mill drive threw pricing.
I do not feel I need to provide intimate encounters at a pricing war .

As many of you know I had announced my impending retirement.
I have spoke to many girls and my wonderful gents. I have reconsidered on the impending retirement plans .

I think I have found a perfect solution to the economic needs and yet my reality of income.

But after speaking with so many ladies. We are all so tired of waking in the morning to crude vulgar text messages. Voice mails and emails.So I am not alone in the feelings of retirement to avoid the real jerks out there.
I enjoy my meetings with new friends and traveling.
I at this time will take it day by day.