Wednesday, July 14, 2010

new Photo Shoot After a 18 lb weight loss I promise my ass is in tack kids

I have done all kinds of crazy locations and shoots to create fantasy.
I do believe last night might make the top three stupid things I have done. I did stand in a marsh of reeds. I did know this shoot will look so sexy in the wilderness.I stood posing from dress to bikini to nude.All wile only in my little Nike socks in mud.
My legs are now scratched up from the reeds. I think the possibility of sumac or poison ivy is a very huge possibility.
But he all for you my devoted legends of Summer pervs. I love you and the support over the years.

I then shot in a alley in downtown Baltimore until it began to pour down rain. I promise you these new shots will be on fire. And will be posted to the website shortly. Along with the hot pics I shot and video too of me and Shawn and Lisa Sparxxx...
Aslo the scene with Savanah Stern and Deep Threat .....

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Re-admerging Stunning Summer

Like a phoenix from the ashes. Stunning Summer is back with all the old vigor and sexual prow less.
I know many of my fans have know for a few years I was involved in a very terminus relationship.Alike many others in the adult community find it very difficult to ind that individual who views as as a individual. Not just a sex and money object.
I am sorry to say in the mist of all this matter. I let myself behind somewhere. I feel like not only did I let you my fans,my self and my family down. I tried to stay in a one sided relationship.I knew 6 months into it that this guy was not in it to make me happy. And in return for sticking it out. I lost my drive,my self assurance. And my confidence I have always had.
I do make a promise to not only myself to return to the industry bigger and better. I will also provide you more naughty content. I do not have a man in my life telling me not to host swinger events. I will again host events,video signings and back to more orgies and gang bang scenes for my website

I am very grateful for the two years this disastrous relationship may have cost me money,work and professional work. I realize my tue fans have still stuck by me.
So this is my thank you to all of you.I have grown termendously in this. I realized after finding out about the real guy I was involed with.
I didn't forget you or my work. I spent two years looking to please somebody else instead of to continue on my journe to sucess.
I am beginning to shoot more for my new page on Southern Charms. I will not be able to shoot under Stunning Summer . I will keep you informed on the name I use.
Also be sure to join my yahoo groups Stunning Summer.