Saturday, March 31, 2012

One Major reason I have decided to Retire!!

Here is the perfect example of why I am pulling the plug on my career.

I seen a guy from WV last July. Nice old guy with a issue. He had asked if I would do bareback if he had been tested
I of course do not provide unsafe dates to anyone. NOT ANYONE.

Let alone he expected me to suck his dick with no condom when he had already had dripped urine on my bed due to his recent prostate issues.
Let's just say his review on the ter was not the most stellar review. But I will be first to admit. A drippy ass dick is not quit a major turn on even for a pro. I was rather grossed out.

So here is is April almost a year later . He calls and leaves a message on my voice-mail using my government issued name. Augh out of bounds to say the least.I returned his call. I informed him fist off my name I work under is Summer not my real name. One time visits does not institute you on a real close personal name basis.

I have given many nice guys my real name for various purposes. But it is not something you should take for granted to call me when you book me. EVER!

I proceeded to tell him I was out of town and wouldn't be able to meet.
I am in the midst of my retirement tour in Boston enjoying a good fuckn by a nice guy hung like Chris Charming and rather enjoyed myself.

I check my voicemails and low and behold fuck butt drippy dick leaves me a message .

"I'm sorry I called you by your first name which is ...... but I'll tell you in on the internet getting fucked in the ass and all that other stuff and wanna do that. I would think you have a problem about me calling you by your first name".

Are you mother fucking serious? You are a porn viewer and seen me and asked me to give references to other porn stars. And this is how you really feel about us?

If your the kind of guy who thinks your privileged to be in out presence then privileged to own us. YOUR FUCKING WRONG!

2012 Calendar has changed A bit.

OK! I have changed the dates for Canada so I can accommodate more Canadian Cities and also wait for Sonia Blaze to obtain her passport so doubles will be available.
So now adding Chi-town earlier then scheduled and added Detroit.

Porn Star MILF Stunning Summer Continues on the 2012 Retirement Tour Boston~NYC~CHI~

The end of a era comes to a end in Dec. I am on my final year of providing erotic dates to kind gentlemen with lust in their hearts.

From the first kiss to the last embrace I hope to leave many more friends with a smile on their face and a long lasting memory.

I am currently in Boston until April 4th
I will make my way to NYC April 4th in the evening until April 10th
Chicago has been a fantastic city for me so I celebrate my 49th Birthday with all you dirty little devils. April 10-April 14
And Detroit April 14-16 I love the Motor City and have had many good times here.

As this is my last trip to all cities except Boston. I suggest pre booking as I am only in town for a few days.
I look forward to meeting new friends and a chance to say goodbye to so many old friends.
Stunning Summer

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Updated Calendar Tourng 2012 Saying good bye to so many men!

Hello again. I have updated my Calendar and have deleted Some cities added others.
I think the NE has made so many changes since the demise of who knows how to book old friends...

I look forward to my impending visit to Canada and yes I am doing it full circle this time. Toronto will be the city I celebrate my 49th birthday!!!! OH CANADA!!!!

Buffalo it has been too long... Here I cum!!!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Escorts Recieve The Most Bizara Emails Phone Calls Texts

I am sure the idea of high end escorts seem like nothing but money,fun and travel.

Unless your on the inside actually experiencing the bullshit emails,texts and phone calls. You would never imagine how juvenile a huge portion of the population really is.

I can just say this. I adore the kind and sexy men and couples I have shared nearly 9 years with.I would never look back on my experiences in a negative light.
But. >>>
With all that said. The emails the text and the phone calls from guys who think that they find a girls number on the internet they can leave messages like a 10 yr old would prank call somebody. Or text message rude and disrespectful display of immature content.Or emails... let's discuss emails.

I understand that some males just never grow up. I find it sad to say that some people should not be allowed on the internet. If you can not control yourself and you display stupidity .

Every woman I know in the adult entertainment get the same if not the same guy emailing the same bullshit.

If you are truly seeking attention do so in a positive way. You get more bees with honey then vinegar.

I can tell you I live my life. I know the amount of love and support I get with the fans and clients I see. I don't cry my eyes out over the sour individuals who leave messages. In fact I pity a person who has such a sad existence that they slither on the internet seeking ladies contact info only to harass us.

I can not imagine having so much time available to seek out phone numbers to hate myself so much I must call somebody I don't know names or speak ill of somebody to make myself feel better.
But again I have seen it all in nearly a decade.
I will retire in December and not miss waking up in the morning to listen to voice mails from immature guys.I won't miss the text messages "IM SO HORNY I Wanna fuck YOUR BIG fat ASS'

emails rom guys who cant say where they are from. just give me a compliment. OK I have escorting site,websites southern Charms page... I can't guess where you seen me.

If you take the time to send me a email please say hi Im so and so and then where you seen me and then pay the compliment. If you can't do that. Don't waste your valuable time nor mine.

It gets so old to dig through shit to find a gem.

Can We upgrade the American culture please. It is embarrassing to see how ill out society really has become. And the mainstream has the nerve to judge porn stars and hookers.
Atleast We do have standards and still I will never accept money for my integrity.

Friday, March 2, 2012

March Madness Starts With Stunning Summer

If your a Summer fan you know I am a sports Slut!

I am beginning March Madness with my orgy party in DC. I am then headed out in PA with Sonia Blaze and Savanna Jane bringing some of the debauchery to Philly,Pittsburgh,Harrisburg and Altoona.

If you are not in L.A you haven't had the pleasure of sexy ass Sonia. Double trouble and triple dates will be available.

What can I say about Savanna Jane? Oh boy first off she is one of only a few def Porn Stars in the business. But aside from the porn. Savannah has not traveled since parting ways with Body Miracle. so Outside of Florida. Pennsylvania gentlemen it is time to help bring in a amazing March with a roar.

Be sure to view my calendar.

If I haven't placed your city on my retirement tour. Booking requests at Http://

You can also request me to come to your city

I look forward to seeing so many old friends with my girlfriends in tow...