Tuesday, April 10, 2012


MyProviderGuide.com - Visiting PORN STAR Stunning Summer Westboro Incall

2012 Retirement Tour Continues. New York Your are so Awsome.

New York !!!
You fellas do know how to hot lady. I had so much fun and enjoyed my Easter in the big Apple!!!
The tulips in bloom the dicks were so stiff and made me wet myself...
As always 5 aare never enough for you naughty boys and yes Boston, New York I will be sure to make one last stop through in the Summer or the Fall.
Connecticut was also added in the Summer/ Fall tour.

I am going to miss you all next year....

So I hope to get it all in now. Dirty minds and filthy behavior... my favorite way to act...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Old Tricks New Players!

I have been around for almost 9 solid years in the adult entertainment business.
There is a huge amount of bullshitters who use many different styles of tricks to get free shit.

Lets start with can you send me a recent photo of yourself. Augh fuck NO.
I do sell cell pics on my store site. buy them like a true fan.

Or I seen you before and attempt to get you to see them when you really didnt see them.
Getoutta here!!!

The I am a porn producer and would like to star with you. No frigging site no model references..
The list goes on and on and on and on... but you get the idea.

The same ploys just different guys trying to yank ladies chains.

I have heard and seen or experienced most of the bullshit some of these guys try to pull.
I am not alone in this game and so many other women will tell you. It has become a running joke amonst us. So gentlemen(term used loosely) come on now. Stop already.

If you think you are the only jerk to try any of the random ass ploys for free dates,pics, videos . fuck off already.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How Strange And Twisted My Life Seems Sometimes.

As you know I am planning my impending retirement in December.
It is approaching quickly.

I have feverishly attempted to get as many cities in as I can before the end of this year. I was in a wonderful new hotel in South Boston last night and to make a point of just how odd my life has been in the 9 years.

Here is the setting.
I am attempting to fit the last two time slots available with screening and already had booked the last time slot.I had not been able to make one work.My last date of the evening and the tour in Boston was so much fun and I do love to dominate a man with my elegant sexy style. I am not the fem dom as you picture in a normal fem dom. I am more the fem fatal type of woman..
Nothing so sexy to hear a man ask me to take him do what I please... puuuurrrr

So after the play and some very interesting and intelligent conversation my date departs my room.

Now here is twist to my odd life. I go from date as Summer jump into the tub and bathe as I am on the phone to my daughter. Back to normal mom mode. No hint of Summer the sex vixen.

I love my life but I know it must seem odd to most to go from balln to baby talk with my grand daughter.
"Grandma you coming to get me on the plane" Oh don't you know as much as I will miss all my touring and exotic dates.

I miss my pookies way more.
No more phone calls to my son and must hand up quick because a guy is on his way to my location. No more shower to hear voice mails to meet me then between find my kids voice mail trapped in between.

My guy always gives me shit about the computer files with baby pics of my grand babies and naked dudes dicks sent to me. lol well one of these days I will separate them...

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Boston What Can I Say?

I can say Boston ? It has always been one of the best cities to tour for me. I first visited Boston in November 2005.

I planned well this time I know. I have been in the Beantown for a few days and have been to hot locations like Beacon Hill,Back-bay and will end my trip in the most favorite location.
I adore the waterfront here in Boston and adore the great view of the city. How romantic.

Of course the hotel and train is booked and I am ready to book many hot Bunny hunters in New York.

I will arrive Wed evening so New York stand Up.
I hope to hear from all the fellas who keep asking me over and over when am I coming to the Big Apple.
With a very heavy heart. This will be my very last trip to New York. So I hope I get the opportunity to meet so many of the fellas I have known for many years ad meet a few new ones too.

As for Chicago. I am asking everyone to pre book as much as possible as I am going to visit one of my favorite people in the World while in Chi=town and celebrate my birthday in the Chi.

I am so fortunate to meet many great guys and girls in this lifestyle and outside the few dirtbags that come with the territory. I am going to remember you all.

And again I must clarify as I still receive confused individuals I will be shooting for my website. But I won't shoot for other companies nor tour.