Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hello again folks. It has been a bit of time since I last posted. 2013 has been a very hectic and rewarding new year for me. Professionally and personally. Let me start this post to address a few things you may come a crossed on the web. First, the reason my Southern Charms is no longer under Sinful Summer. I was on my last tour and had been removed from Southern Charms for not updating my page often enough. I had to use a new name. So many may wonder why Naughty Natalie. I have been asked by many fans and clients over the past decade for my real name. So without creating more drama. I had used Natalie as my real name for those nosy ones who had asked personal info. Now onto the 2nd thing some may encounter which will at first seem confusing . I have indeed retired from escorting but not from shooting. But with this said. I will not shoot for companies offering such low rates to shoot. I choose to only shoot for my content and possible any company willing to pay my rate. I refuse to shoot content that will live longer then any of my grandchildren for low budget . Lastly some may come a a crossed Raquel Rider the wrestling session babe. Yes that is me ,no it is not a escorting persona. I have returned to my roots that first begun all of this in the first place. I am attempting to create a whole new persona far away from the gfe porn escorting persona all of you know me by. As I returned to my normal life in the body building arena I will do sessions that only involve grappling,fantasy wrestling ,competitive wrestling and cat fights and scissor sessions. NO GFE DATES no escorting no touring to meet fans on the intimate level. Since doing wrestling sessions I have encountered gents asking for a full service date. That is not on the list of activities. So again to inn-iterate the point. I have created a whole new persona to not confuse gents in seeking a wrestling sessions and thinking they will get a escort. I have indeed shut off the old Los Angeles cell number. Any old fans whom had that number must now need to email me. I will continue to update Stunningsummerxxx.com along with a new site featuring Raquel Rider and nothing but wrestling and body building fetish content. So if anything. There will be more of me for the internet. not less.