Sunday, February 26, 2012

It was very ice To Hear From A Photog I worked with

Back In L.A when I first began my porn career. I shot with a great guy in Orange Country. Enjoy some of the photos with my hair long with extensions and exotic lingerie.

Stunning Summers Retirement Tour Calendar!

DC's Mistress OF Mischief!

March Madness March 12 Group Party

Let me introduce you to the ladies.

KaylaSquirt the amateur porn starlet who can milk any snake and soak the sheets. Kayla is a down to earth MILF fro Ohio and does travel from Ohio to Dc often.

You can see by her website Kayla is a force to be wrecked with.

Be sure to follow kayla on Twitter and check out her porn profiles

The Things I Will Miss When I Reture,Thisngs I will be glad to leave behind!

As many know. I begin providing private companionship after a very lengthy career in the fitness industry. The fitness industry is a competitive yet positive atmosphere. One would think because your competing on stage for pride and a trophy that women would be catty in their behavior.
I never experienced hate jealousy or back stabbing. In fact behind the curtains . A fitness and body building show you will see competitors help oil up,pro-tan each other. Pump up together.

I can not say that in the adult entertainment business . In a strip bar,in porn and most particular in the escort community. The majority of ladies in the community are competing for cash bring out the ugliest behavior.

If you see behind the scenes of Cat-house . It is a cat house . It is where you will find 22 of the most competitive women for the same dollar bill when that bell sounds.

To be successful you learn quickly. You have no friends in this business. It is a sad situation which leads to the loneliness some women experienced.

I have done the best to balance my real life with positive people with the limited friendships in porn with friends like Jocelyn Stone and Sonia Blaze . I communicate at least once a week.

I will not miss the chicks who are petty and conniving and back stabbing that is for sure.

I don't miss the guys who send me their dick pics on my email and cell phones. I can't imagine what provokes such juvenile behavior. I would assume that they are a bit narcissistic. I have been in the adult industry for nearly 9 years. How many dicks and sets of tits I have seen. I am not turned on or impressed no matter the size,the color or the shape of the head of the mans cock.

Texting messages that contain just are you available. Or I wanna fuck your big ass. I am single white male interested in meeting if we are compatible Are you interested.

I am your biggest fan I wanna fuck you so bad. It goes on and on. But you get the idea. It most definitely i not the best way to begin your day in a happy go lucky attitude when that is your first eye opening experience of the day.

I will definitely miss the guys I have met over the years who have been great company. I have been lucky I guess the times are changing. In 2003 when I began my new career the gentlemen would bring gifts along with the donations. I have received things from teddy bears,flowers and alcohol to jewelry,lingerie and shoes to trips and stocks and bonds.

Now I receive requests from guys who ask me for free dvds,free 8x 10s and please send me a photo to my email my phone. wow times really seem to be taking a turn for the worst.Women quit behaving like ladies. Men quit behaving like gentlemen.

The gentlemen in terms of how many call to how many you actually book.It used to be for every 50 calls you would have at least 2-3 legit gentlemen. Now you can say for every 10 calls you may speak with 2 legit gents.

I won't miss the guys seeking free phone sex,the guys seeking free dates. Meeting them for drinks while I am on tour. I find a lot of porn fans do not understand that free cocktails do not keep my cell phone on nor pay my rent.
I do understand the excitement to meet somebody they have watched on video. I do love ad adore them. But with that still in mind. I can not ask my friends who I know do have careers such as Drs. lawyers and expect free services. I have still paid my Dr friends,lawyer friends. I value their hard work,education. I don't expect them to give me anything for free.

In return I have attempted to give everything I can to my fans. I have done the best I can on film,in person and on social media. I have tried to follow many who respect me ad not dm me asking me Hey whats up. Send dms I wanna fuck . I wanna meet you how much. Social media sites are for get to know me get to know you. This year face book went south. I had a horrible experience. I have a stalker who obviously hate I fuck black men.

This horrible human went to the extent to find my real name. He proceeded to contact my High School friends, He called them outing my Stunning Summer existence.Although my kids know what I do. My ex husbands family do not,my grandmother is 98 . Not on her bucket list to die knowing her grand daughter shoots porn. And my father I am not sure. But it is not yours as a fan to tell them.crossing the line is inexcusable.So I deleted both Summer and My real face book. So again. I lost access to my family and my long time friends due to somebody who thinks they have entitlement to my life.

So what I will enjoy in my retirement from escorting. I will enjoy more time with the man in my life who has taken the back seat to my gentlemen callers for over 4 years. Many women in the escorting community have a difficult time finding men capable of dealing with the lifestyle. I will enjoy more time with my children and my grandchildren.I will focus on my fitness career again. I plan on spending more time volunteering with organizations aiding and providing services to sex workers Nation wide.I do believe I have had more positive times in the lifestyle then bad. I plan of giving back to a lifestyle that has been so good to me.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A little About The Ladies In Dc March Madness Party

Savannah Jane one of only a few deaf Porn Stars in the adult entertainment business.

Hello Gentleman and Fans,
I’m Savannah Jane the legendary deaf adult film starlet I am one of the most recognizable deaf female adult stars on the internet. If you watch a lot of porn, you have seen me. After a short retirement I am back doing new movies and some modeling.

A little about me:
I was born and raised in South Florida my best assets are my sense of humor patience and my sweet southern charm. You will find me easy to talk to and always full of laughter. I am discreet and easy to get along with, as you will experience. I can lip read and talk so don’t worry about communication.

DC March Madness March 12,7pm - 10pm Preferred 411,Date Check Memebers Raffle!

Well what would be a Stunning Summer orgy be without a few gifts for the loyal men in my naughty life?

I will be raffling off a free one hour date with me!

The criteria for the raffle is you must be a date check member or preferred 411 member .

The evening of March 12 I will provide a raffle ticket to all verified members of date-check and Preferred and yes before the party kicks off.
I will pull a ticket for a free date.

I will always have free dvds,goodie bags and yes fellas.Look at the line up of ladies bringing their Talent to Washington D.C!!!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

March 12.2012 March Madness Group Party!

March 12,2012 is closely approaching and as I write this post. The party is nearing the full stage.

It looks like 7-10 last spots for a manageable and fun time for everyone.

Here is the final starting Line up for the Party!!!!

Stunning Summer your hostess with the mos-tess!!! Stunning Summer

Sonia Blaze the L.A based super star young hottie

Kayla Squirt your amateur porn squirting goddess with long legs that go on forever.

Ginger Mc Naughty as she claims and lives up to the fiery red passionate goddess hailing from Florida,NOLA,Boston.

Savannah Jane Florida based Porn Star with busty built and can be seen on may porn sites everywhere on the net including Club Jenna,Playboy,Brazzers.

Last bit definitely not least a surprise guest. She is a UTR Porn Star MILF with which fantasy will meet reality.

One great donation at the door.

Six hotties ,cocktail and h'ordeves and playtime.

I am also going to ask if you are in attendance provide me your date-check or provider411 membership ids .

In appreciation of the tools that make my life easier. Datecheck ,p411 members Will be in the raffle for a free one hr date with me.

There will be goodie bags filled with a few giveaway items and all the Hedonistic fun a guy can handle.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Plan your feb with Stunning Summer

Tour Boston, MA 2/2/2012 2/5/2012
Tour New York, NY 2/6/2012 2/6/2012
Tour Dallas, TX 2/7/2012 2/09/2012
Tour Shreveport,LA 2/10/2012 2/14/2012
Tour New Orleans, LA 2/14/2012 2/19/2012