Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tour Dates Set For the South And South West!

OK kiddies!

Here is the change in the tour.

Since family obligation will require me to take the booty to L.A in Dec. A small change to my calendar.

Here is the Southern city tour dates.

Oct.30-Nov.1 Fort Launderdale
Nov.2-3 Tampa
Nov.4-6 New Orleans
Nov.7-9 Atlanta
Nov. 10-11 Memphis
Nov. 12-14 Dallas

Los Angeles,San Diego,San Fran.,Seattle,B.C Canada I promise you will be rescheduled for the first tour of 2012....

L.A see you in Dec. San Diego and Orange County as well...

Pre booking and screening will ensure a meeting as I will be in each city for only a few days at a time.
so many cities so little time!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Richmond Va Tour Oct 19-22

Well We all know that Hurricane season played havoc on my last outting out.
I did need to cancel Richmond due to weather.

So this time Summer is bringing the wetness to Richmond before Winter kicks in..

Pre booking may be recommended as I had a full dance card that needed to reschedule.

I have not been to Richmond for a little while. I will definitely enjoy my stay and take in a few sites while I am here.

Southern Charms Updates

Hello my darlings,

Yes We have finally cleared up things with Southern Charms so the updates are back to regularity.

Here is a peek at the newest update 34 I hope you like it .

And be sure to bear with me.
is currently being updated with great scenes shot with Sonia Blaze.