Monday, March 8, 2010

New York Tours And Shoots In March

That's right NEW YORK
Summer is headed your way.
New York City March 16th
White Plains New York March 17th
Syracuse New York MArch 18th-21st
Albany New York March 21-23

And Boston I know so many have asked for me to come back so here are the dates.
Boston Back Bay March 23-25
And either Philly or Baltimore March 26th

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Record May Just Be Set With A Adorable Fan

I adore all my fans. I love to get the opertunity to meet privately with all of the fans from my many xxx adult movoies and websites.
Last night was so incredable . I loved that not only did We share a four hour interlude in which would best be called over load.
ZThis adorable young college aged fan spent four hours pounding ,getting rode and slurped through 6 unpresedented loads.
I do not believe I have had the bar set so high for any of my private encounters.
My respect to MR Happy and all his prowness.
If anything is more gratifing to a porn actress. It is to meet talk about what your fav scene ,movie postions ect..

I am so pleased to know after discussing how I do offer oil wrestling and such . He is so up for that after his Spring Break trip.
I love different dates . I do love GFR and PSE dates. Please don't get me wrong on that. lol
Put anything to change it up and make a private meeting even more memorable... Count me in.

Stunning Summer Announces Blizzard Buster Tour

Hello again to all my lovely fans.
It has been a hectif Winter I know.
But now with winter drawing to a close. Here is the Calender with updated tour information.
If I am in your city feel free to book with me or film with me. Contact
or book from http:/