Saturday, April 17, 2010

Why New Girls In The Private Entertainment Have No Clue The Dangers

I did get another reminder in how to stay on top of my game.It is unfortunate that some guys will show up at my door with all intent to pull some shady business.

I accept to meet a guy in Ottawa today whom gets the direction to show up at 5pm. He shows up a little late no biggie.
I proceed to take him upstairs where we conversed. He is actually American from New York and does business in Ottawa and Montreal.
He then asks me if I have a man. Are you serious? This dude Jamaican decent is a pimp I guess.
Well no I have a man no I don't smoke weed. This seemed to amaze him as well.OMG!
I don't need a manager. I think he didn't bother to see I am a porn actress either. He just seen I am a thick chick on the Internet.
He then asks me can he keep in contact with me. Uh no.If I don't work it out with my man. Would he stand a change. Hell NO!

I tell him since there is no money he needs to go.He proceeds to walk downstairs . He decides he can caught up some cash. So OK upstairs. I place the money in a safe spot as I know these little rascals. He won't have the chance to take the money back after the do.
I walk him down stairs.
I sure wish these new girls would stop using the pimps or crazy dudes in this world. It would make the rest of our lives so much easier .

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bedtime Stories Update

For those members of there is a recently uploaded new bedtime story to the blog section. I will also be updating with new video and stills this week aswell.
If you send a confirmation of this months sign up to felineflicks@gmail and your mailing address. I will send a free 8x10 autograph to you. xoxoxo

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Birthday Celebration In Ottawa Market Club

I am thrilled to be in Canada for my 47th birthday. 2010 will bring plenty of travel and meeting fans. I am currently visiting Ottawa. While I am here in Ottawa my birthday arrived.
Here are a few pictures of a night out in the Downtown market area. We partied the night away. Many new friends to make me laugh and watch them sign Karaoke.
My doll faced friend and fellow porn actress Carrie Moon has been a fabulous hostess.
We have bonded like a couple of cougars taking over Ottawa.
I hope you all enjoy these pics. As you can see. Stunning Summer sipped away Cosmos all night. 47 years old and I feel better then ever.
Keep watching for the next adventure.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Nights Out In Ottawa With My Fam And Friends

So many Kareoke whores in this group. Put a mic in these lovely hands they can sing like you can't believe. So much fun ansd so many friends here in Ottawa.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Ottawa Double Dipped American/ Candian MILFS

The tour of Canada has been so much fun. For all my Canadian fans. You can book a double date with me and Carrie Moon. Here are some hot pics from yesterdays hot double date with a very sweet fan.

I am enjoying the big booby girl Carrie and her adorable friend. I know everyman's fantasy is a Me'nage.
If your in Ottawa,Calgary,Edmonton or Vancouver this could be you.

I hope you enjoy this sexy fun pics. Taking them were fun and what happened after and during even better.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Candaian Trip 2010 Ottawa / Westfield Quebec

I was so pleased to share my photos here with all my fans. I am fortunate to travel ,work and meet new people. But this Canadian trip is extra special. I have gotten a opertunity to meet and work with Carrie Moon. Canada's own natural resourse. This hiot MILF with huge melons 40plus e's I think.
She is not only a great lady and hostess. She is one of Canada's hottest MILF porn actresss and comopanion's.
Don't miss our travel journey across Canada. Fun for all my fans for sure

Naughty pics from Camily Entertainment CEO TY STROKES and his queen Marcia Black

The impromptu blow jobs and shooting in the hotel bathroom was spontaneous and fun for all.

Marcia decided to surprise Ty in the shower with a tremendous blow job. As all the rest of us either watched,filmed or shot stills. Or in Ms Marshea she took over blowing then Marcia finished herself on the counter top masturbating while watching her man get sucked to finish by Ms Marshea.
Hot times for sure.

Tales From Behind Closed Doors

I get so many questions on my movie career. Yes I have a full figure and thick ass and thighs which makes me a interest in many interracial markets.
I am always amazed at just how many gents who are latin and white ask to see many of my interracial films.
I am a person who sees no color . I prefer to work with and play with smart,sexy and kind men(no matter what color).
I of course had been married to a white guy,my kids are white. BUT.. I now date a gent whom is not white. I have dated and have been attracked to all kinds of men.
So all the possibilities are available.
I have been fortunate to have worked with many white guys as well So here are a few pics of my hot guys I have shot and played with.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Canadian Tour

Here it is the long awaited post. I promised to post while on tour of Canada.
I arrived in Canada after my New York tour. I actually only spent two days back home in DC before hitting the neighbors to the North.
I have having a great time meeting fans and friends in Montreal and Ottawa.
As always Stunning Summer hits a city. For some odd reason the season seems to change. (wink wink) Ottawa is posting warmer weather then normal. Gee it's Summer time.
I have hooked up in Ottawa with my MILF XXX Canadian friend here.
We are offering dueo fan meets. And last night We met up with many of her local hottie friends and went to Kareoke bar.
I had a blast and of course texting back and gorth with my lovely LA friend Joclyn Stone. I wish she could have joined us here. Can you imagine how much trouble the three of us would create?
Joclyn made the cutest comment. Between Carrie Moon and Stunning Summer that';s a whole lot of boobs . And all this ass.
Exactly lucky Canadians We are planning on touring Edmonton and Calgary.