Tuesday, April 11, 2017

How and Where You Can Support The Cougar's Return

2017 Has brought me back from a 5 year retirement. As of May 2016 I first shot with Team VP member Roc and Max in New York. That led to me finally meeting up with Mr. Nuttz. Mr. Nuttz and I had a conversation on hooking up for over a decade. The myspace days... Yeah I know kids.... I then shot many scenes in a weekend in Orlando. I am not currently loading many of those scenes to my clips4sale.com/24032 Feline Flicks store. I attended my first AVN weekend in nearly 9 years. Joining with King Jeff with Kings Adult Entertainment. I again joined forces with Team VP for another weekend of many shoots working with the likes of Rome Major and Puzzy Bandit. But.. I am not comfortable with the weight I gained while nursing a hip flexor and glute injury. So with my new management . We have decided to hault all my video shoots until I reach my goal. But the scenes are still being added weekly so enjoy the last of the bbw Stunning Summer. I love and adore those fans who love big women. I personal adore my big girls and always will. I am more comfortable as the athlete I have been for most of my life. SO with that said. The Photos I ad to my post is before I entered born . I shot these photos just returning from my stint at the Bunny Ranch in 2004. This is where I am the most comfortable. Where you can follow my pregress to bring me back to porn mainstream filming. My you tube Chanel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa61FbyTaRQgk4mwwgu57OA and my inst gram .https://www.instagram.com/stunning_summer_/ For my fans I have added camsoda for one on one cam Stunning Summer verifiedcall to talk filthy fantasies ask me questions everyone wants to know . What its like to take monster cocks. snapchat stunningsummer1 keep update here.

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